The Eagle Story

Someone once told me a story about a wounded eagle who was rescued by a kindly farmer. He found the bird in one of his fields, and so took him home, tended to his wounds, and then placed him outside in the barnyard to recover.

Strangely enough, the young eaglet soon adapted to the habits of all the barnyard chickens. He learned to walk and cluck like them. He learned to drink from a trough and peck the dirt for food, and for many years he peacefully resigned himself to this new life on the ground.

But then one day, one of the farmer’s friends spotted the eagle and asked, “Why in the world is that bird acting like a chicken?” The farmer told him what had happened, yet the man could hardly accept the situation.

“It’s just not right,” said the friend. “The Creator made that bird to soar in the heavens, not scavenge in the barnyard!” So he picked up the unsuspecting eagle, climbed onto a nearby fencepost, and tossed him into the air. But the confused bird just fell back to earth and scurried off in search of his feathered friends.

Undaunted, the man then grabbed the eagle and climbed to the top of the barn. As he heaved him off the roof, the bird made a few halfhearted squawks and flaps before falling into a bale of hay. After shaking his head a few times, the eagle then made himself comfortable and began mindlessly pecking at pieces of straw.

The friend went home that night dejected, and could barely sleep as he remembered the sight of those powerful talons caked with barnyard mud. He couldn’t bear the thought, so the very next day, he headed back to the farm for another try. This time he carried the eagle to the top of a nearby mountain where the sky unfolded in a limitless horizon.

He looked into the eagle’s eyes and cried out, “Don’t you understand? You weren’t made to live like a chicken! Why would you want to stay down here when you were born for the sky?” As the man held the confused bird aloft, he made sure the eagle was facing into the brilliant light of the setting sun. Then he powerfully heaved the bird into the sky, and this time the eagle opened his wings, looked at the sun, caught the updraft rising from the valley, and disappeared into the clouds of heaven.

Do you know that we, too, were born for the sky? The Lord has called us to live in the heights, yet too many of us have huddled together in the barnyard, contentedly scurrying for the safety of our families, our finances, our careers and our comfortable crumbs of faith.

This book is dedicated to all those believers whose barnyards have been destroyed, and to the faithful ones who have walked, or are now walking, in darkness. The hour is late, beloved friends. It is not time to mourn our losses, but rather time to set our eyes upon heaven, spread our wings and fly straight towards the Son.

Never mind weariness, illness, lack of feeling, irritability, exhaustion, snares of the devil, jealousy and prejudice. Let us soar together, like an eagle above the clouds, with our eyes fixed on the Son. This is why the eagle is such a perfect example of this freedom. An eagle is the only bird that has a special third-eye-lens that enables him to look at and fly directly towards the sun and thus, frees him from his enemies as they try to follow. No other bird has this ability. And, it’s the same with us. Only as we keep our eyes focused directly on the Son during our ascent to Him, will we ever become free–free from our emotions, free from our circumstances, free from other people’s responses and free from the enemy’s attacks.

Having faith in the night seasons is the only answer to possessing this overcoming victory.
Let’s make our journey together…

from Faith In The Night Seasons by Nancy Missler
©2010 The King’s High Way Ministries, all rights reserved


The Eagle Story — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart as you told the story of the eagle eagle and how easy it is for Christian to just settle for the common when God have so much more for us I was so blessed by the story

  2. It’s true, many of the Christians forgot their destiny and are fallen asleep, this inspiring eagle story awaken the minded engaged Christian.

  3. Very inspiring,as now tears are rolling on my cheeks. ” Lord help me/us to focus in Your Son and help us spread our wings towards Heaven. Amen.

  4. Am inspired with the story. Am blessed and my spirit is overwhelm a thundorous joy in me. I promise to tell this story when next am invited. Am a prospective pastor but am already ministrying. If you understand ministry then you know that every christain has a ministry. By God grace He has use me to heal the sick and minister salvation. There is more about the Eagle I want you to know. visit. [link automatically removed] search Self Discovery:The Eagle Bird Gives A True Picture of Divinity or [link automatically removed] The book stated the Eagle Bird posses 32 characters its shares with divinity that can make any man a success. The Eagle Bird eyes,wings and beaks tells of God. There is a gamut of information and biblically proof asserted in this book. Do you know that each of the persons in the trinity is reflected or shown in the Eagle Bird. Pls feel free to contact me and sent a friend request on facebook if you like. Thanks for your publication and have a wonderful day.

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