Remembering Pastor Chuck Smith

ChuckSmithSeveral staff members here have personal memories of Pastor Chuck Smith. All of us have a tremendous respect and appreciation for the work he has done. His legacy is obvious today, and will stretch into eternity. Our voices join with the many, many others who thank God for this man, and ask Him to comfort those who remain.

You might like to see the more, so we offer this link to the tribute on the Calvary Chapel website.


Remembering Pastor Chuck Smith — 2 Comments

  1. I was just thinking about Pastor Chuck the other day, wondering how he was doing. For several years I listened to him on Christian radio on WCRV, Memphis. He was one of the few preachers that I could get my then unsaved wife to listen to. I was surprised one day when I heard Hank Henagraf(sp) say that Chuck Smith was his pastor. But this was the broad appeal that this great man of God had. I still have several of his old cassette tapes. You’re in a much better place now, my brother, and I’m looking forward to joining you soon.

  2. Pastor Chuck Smith’s departure into God’s kingdom of his Lord Yeshua, makes heaven even more of a reality for me, for I know Pastor Chuck Smith is still alive!! And rejoicing!! Unimaginable joy! In his new body. I will greatly miss Pastor Chuck Smith who was the closest expression of our Lord Jesus Christ in every way possible that a human being can emit that I could ever had known on earth without ever having the pleasure of meeting Pastor Chuck Smith, but through his voice and beaming smile Jesus seem to be very comfortable in taking residence in Pastor Chuck Smith entire being. He was to me our Paul the apostle for our times devoted to his call and I can only imagine the multitudes of lives throughout his ministry years that received the Lord in their hearts directly from him or from one of his learned disciples and are forever changed people or in heaven greeting him due to his call to save lives. Pastor chuck Smith was not only an intelligent teacher of the Holy Scriptures, and a sincere lover of the Holy Scriptures but a father in heart to many as well as myself.

    John 12:24 reminds me of how Pastor chuck Smith glorified his Lord to save many lives.

    With love, tears, and admiration to Pastor Chuck Smith and his devoted wife Kay and family.

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