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  1. I met Nancy and Chuck in Coeur d’Alene when they first arrived there. They were looking for a place to hold meetings and stopped in at the Coeur d’Alene Resort, where I was working at the time. After chatting for a while, Nancy gave me a beta copy of her Agape study, as well as others, which I cherished. My husband and I then began attending their weekly meetings in Post Falls. We were also neighbors for a time when they first moved to that area, out on Rockford Point. What a blessing to have known both Nancy and Chuck.

  2. So glad to see this, Nancy has been a part of my life with Jesus for apprpximately 20 years. My first book. Faith in the Night Seasons, I bought at a used book store. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it, and give several to friends. I miss her , so glad you are doing this devotional. God bless
    Joycce Pettapiece Ceres,Ca.

  3. Dear Blessed Sister Thank God for Your mail . we have continue fellowship with you due to many days After . Thank you for all messages for our Spiritual growth . praying for you . please do pray for India .

  4. I count myself abundantly blessed for having a dear friend and Minister in my life that shared The King’s High Way Ministries with me. I just now learned about the devoted life and Ministry of Nancy Missler, and her passing. What an amazing saint indeed and I can’t wait to start reading Nancy’s books, and learn from her, what a legacy she has left. I’m blessed and thankful to have heard from Debbie Holland and would like to be added to a prayer list for the sale of our home. My husband and I need to move closer to the hospital that he received his heart transplant from which will bring us closer to our only son, daughter in law and two grand children whom we love dearly, and of course this will provide a way to be a part of the home church that we would like to be a part of. We are in the middle of intense spiritual warfare and covet your prayers. Again, what a blessings to have found The Kings Highway and the ministry of Nancy Missler and Debbie Holland. All Glory belongs to Him. I just want to be used of God again…it’s been a long dry season in the valley, and we are holding onto His promises. Matthew 19:26.

  5. My husband Gary just went to be with the Lord on June 5. We spent 3 1/2 months in the hospice unit of the VA hospital in Loma Linda, CA. I can truly understand your appreciation of hospice — the care, the people, the convenience. And — I understand your desire to make the most of your life for the Lord during you last days. When we had the service for my husband, over 100 people came — to our surprise. We are not celebrities as the world defines the term, but we are celebrities with the Lord. Gary’s two desires were for Christ to be seen in him, and for him to be a blessing to someone each day. Through the testimonies of others, he accomplished both. He saw the time we spent in the hospital as God’s transition period for us. Wouldn’t change a thing. Praying for you to glean all you can.

    • Dear Sallye,
      We are truly sorry for the loss of your husband Gary. Praise God that we know where our Hope comes from and we know that Gary is safe in the Loving arms of JESUS. Please know that you and your family will be in our prayers at the Ministry.
      Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need prayer. Our toll free # is: 866-775-5464.
      May God’s Peace and overwhelming LOVE be with you and your family at this time.


      King’s High Way Staff

  6. Thank you Debbie for spending time with Nancy and I yesterday. What a blessing it was to see how you are doing and the future plans for KingsHighway.
    We love you!

  7. I look forward to reading be ye transformed. I have been a supporter of Genisis Institute in Spokane since its Inception. Dave and Kathy Hutchins are two of its founders and is worthy of a look.

  8. Hi Nancy – I apologize for not emailing sooner because you have been in the forefront of my mind for many months now. I honestly cannot begin to explain to you how much your books have impacted by understanding of my spiritual, mental and physical body. Your explanation of the body and it’s parallel to the Temple has always been the most clear and comprehensive study I have ever read. I know you study 24 hours of the day because of how detailed your work was. I teach Nutrition Classes from a Biblical standpoint and always refer to your explanation of the Temple. I have bought most of your books; because I love to study along with you. My least favorite was “Why Should I Be the First to Change” obviously because I didn’t want to change. I kept throwing it across the room πŸ™‚

    Anyway, thank you thank you thank you. I am rereading Reflections of His Image and have made the decision to dig my teaching notes back out and get serious about teaching a message that is not so popular these days!

    We shall never meet until we get to Heaven but I just wanted to thank you for being such a strong influence in my life.

    May you feel God’s arms holding you tightly,

    Joanie Lewis

  9. Hi Nancy, I was shocked to hear that you are unwell, I watch your husband on u tube a lot, I find his knowledge amazing, I have battled with healing for years, the Old Testament quotes you are healed, New Testament quotes you were healed, past tense..Christ said when accused by the Pharisees, which is easier to say your sins are forgiven, or you are healed, it looks as they are one and the same. At the end of the day it is about faith, and that is a gift from God. Our healing was done 2000 years ago, God does not heal today, he has already done it, i am unwell so is my wife, but I keep believing. Ihave some fascinating stories to tell, but alas not enough room on this comment page. I will pray for you never say never, all the best bob and cindy.

  10. Dear Mrs Missler,

    I am so glad to hear you and your son are enjoying yourselves. Though we have never met, which is a most regrettable from my view, I feel like I know you.

    I will continue to pray for you and your son. I have prayed for Mr Missler as well for a number of years. Thank you and Mr Missler for giving me a renewed hunger and awesome clarity on scripture and the character of our Lord!

    May the Lord bless you and keep you strong. I close with much affection and admiration. Thank you for sharing with us your joys and struggles through this journey.

  11. Dearest Nan,
    I am praying faithfully for your healing and make mention of you often in my conversations with our Heavenly Father and son our Lord Jesus, although I/we have never met I have been blessed to be under your and your husbands teachings since the mid 80’s. As a beloved sister in Christ we share two things. I heard Dr. Missler mention that you were in Big Bear during the earthquake and i also moved! I also sought the Lord for healing I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and suffered complete left side paralysis and was wheelchair bound. I sought the Lord for healing for years to walk again. By the 5th year my Love for him and His Love for me I accepted this would be my charge and joyfully accepted it but insisted the Doctors stop all medications accept for some as needed and asked that they build me a left leg to keep the leg i couldnt feel locked straight called a KFO. They did it out of i think out of piety not ever thinking it would make a difference. I continued to teach myself Hebrew and Greek biblical during this time and made sure i had every teaching I could get from KI, I trusted in his word and when my son at a young age asked me “Mom could we not got to another healing seminar because when i go up front during prayer if I dont fall down they push me down”. This was for me a spiritual turning point in my life I sought him each day and spent everyday trying to stand up with a walker . God does heal it wasnt over night but 7 years later and several walkers and canes and left leg KFO’s made for me. I by his Love and Mercy have been walking without any aide now for over 14 years!!! Through long suffering and trial and faith and days I called my bad days Psalm 77 days he was healing something far more then a disease with no known cure he was healing my heart, mind and depths of my soul. Yes he can heal in a moments time but I also know he heals over time something we live in time. He Loves you so very much and knows exactly what healing you need and your son. I am a walking testament that God is who he says he is and does what he says he will do. I dont want to take up allot of space but wanted to share my story in brief. In Christ Love Sister Pauline

  12. Kia ora Nancy Chuck & whanau
    I was super excited tonight to find yourself and Dr Chuck had been called to New Zealand so i thought i would look into it more and see were you guys were based and in doing so find that you are not well i am sorry to hear that Nancy I have been absolutely impacted by your guys ministry since giving my heart to Jesus 20yrs ago i just Really from the bottom of my heart say thank you to both Chuck and yourself God bless you all
    Love Shane M Auckland New Zealand

  13. Nancy,i love you,you are such a kind loving ,giving, caring woman!woman like you give so much and yet your so , we have never met,it don`t matter,i know you! thank you,thank GOD,praise_I AM___ ,He loved us enough to share you with us.aint He grand!He gave His life for us.i pray that you are healed in Jesus Name,if it is Gods will,you will be healed,if not you will be with God in heaven I never felt love til i met i know He loved me all along.I hav soo many things to be thankful for,halaluya He has a mansion set asside de for us. love you chrissy

  14. Dear Nancy, Chuck and family,
    Your life is a tremendous witness to me. I pray that God will bless you, you’ve been through so much. God says He won’t give us more than we can bear and I believe that. I pray that HE in HIS infinite mercy and wisdom will give you and your son and Chuck the strength to keep going in His word and that you and your son will be totally healed in His (Jesus) precious name. God grant you peace calm in a time of such intense suffering. God Bless you all.

  15. Several years ago I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to study the tabernacle, and I was led to your website! I felt like I was home! That led to my printing off all I could from your online resources, to enlisting in the Koininia Institute, joining your tours in Israel with Dan and Sharon, meeting my the man I would marry 2 years later, (I was a widow and took my two teenage children on the tour) on that tour…attending two of your conferences in Cour de’Lene!!! Your faithfulness, your ministry and Chucks, has changed my life! During the last couple years of my previous marriage, your book, Faith Through The Night Seasons, was such a point on help and comfort!!!
    I continue to pray for you, my sister. May the light of His presence continue to shine through you, impacting all who are blessed to walk along beside!
    In His Agape, Sheryl

  16. Dear Kings Highway:
    Thank you so much for this wonderful web site. It is such a comfort to me. I know what Nan is going through. My mother died of cancer in ’03. I have Lymphoma and I will go for a cat scan in the morning. Please pray for me too. I hope Nan feels better.

  17. dear Nancy, i pray for you and the ministry daily. Trusting God to bring glory out of this difficult situation. I too have been in pain at 80 years old and many physical problems, but our Lord has blessed me through it all. As You know, there are things we learn in pain that can not be learned any other way, but all to the glory of God. In His name i pray all will be revealed soon and our lord be praised in a special way. Gary

  18. Hello Nancy: You may not remember me…..I remember you and was thinking of you the other day. I was in your husband’s Bible Study at Calvary Chapel. You will be in my prayers. The Lord is in charge. God bless you, and heal you. Ginny Taylor

  19. Hi Nancy,

    I am lifting your healing up to the Lord, and I will continue to do so. I pray continued blessings on both your ministry as well as Chuck’s. Have a blessed day in the Lord, and I look forward to meeting you one day, on this side, or the next.
    I have found great comfort in all of this by seeking the Lord with all my heart and also listening to your message and reading your Way of Agape book. Thanks so Much, you are a huge part of how the Lord is helping me. In Christ’s love. – Eric

  20. Dear Nancy, Chuck and also the rest of the family,

    No doubt this email will not likely be the same as any others you have or will get. From all I have read you have ALL been knocked from pillar to post by what I can only state is “The Worldly System”, which is not God’s system. All of you fine folk have shown remarkable and outstanding character. God surely will reward you all. Through all these many many months you have been good and faithful servants of our Lord. Bless you each and every one. My prayer to God is for you to have a COMPLETE restoration in toto Nancy. Just as Jesus graciously did for Lazarus. What this world has done to you is not what the natural health Practitioners I know would have chosen. Never the less your faith and courage has stood fast and I LOVE God’s words “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into thy rest.”

    I will keep praying for you ALL. May God’s Grace continue to keep you in HIS peace, no matter what the conditions.

    Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai Dr Col In “The Land Down Under We Call Thunder..OZ” Shalom

  21. Read your book “Why Should I Be The First To Change” as I thought it could help a friend of mine whose struggles are similar to yours. But as usual, God showed me my role in any relationship through your message. I care take my mother and found immediate understanding in my actions and responses.

    I pray for your nightly and know that God is surely by your side as he continues to give you strength that you pass on to others. Thank you.

  22. Praying for you, Nancy on this first day of 2015
    knowing that the Lord has you in the middle of His will
    No better place to be….
    Easy for me to say I know….I just pray that Jesus gives you
    courage and His presence is palpable….
    Know that you are truly loved, Nancy

  23. Nancy, I continue to lift you before The Throne when the Lord brings you to mind…which is often!

    I am praying for your spiritual, emotional and physical strength and for God’s will in your situation. I can’t imagine how very hard this current situation is on you. I hope you draw strength and hope from the many thousands of us who have been touched by your ministry.

    Lord willing, it looks like we’ll all be safe at Home, enjoying eternity with Jesus and each other. Soon…very soon!

    Many blessings,
    Kathy in Atlanta
    Rom. 8:18

  24. I attended the Agape course with a group from my church and was so inspired knowing we all fall and knowing I can just get back up and start again. Each time I get better at being a loving humble wife/mother/caregiver. Thank you Nancy for sharing your heart of both doing well and falling. The Lord put a plan on my heart to teach the family related caregiver to care for their older family member in a loving Holisitc way. To teach First Aid, Budgeting inc money mmanagement, dealing with stressful situations and timeout for both parties. I am writing a carers manuel for only home based caring in New Zealand. The government will not help but says its needed and a good idea. NGO’s tell me to not try to reinvent the wheel. But you know they do not offer a godly model for caregiving. So I just want to tell you, what an inspiration for many woman you are. I pray for our Lord God Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit to comfort you and your family at this difficult time.
    Nancy, I love you……very much, from your sister Sue in New Zealand.

    • Susan, I have just started following Nan’s blog, and what a blessing she is through all she has been through and I’m sure she will continue to in what is to come as our loving Father upholds all of us who’ slivers are hidden in Him.
      I replied to your post because recently I was WRONGLY diagnosed with ALS ( or Motor Neurone Dusease as its called here in Australia).
      However the correct diagnosis was not given for about a month so in that time of thinking I had MND my husband and I began to go through the beginnings of what was ahead of us, and of course me being me, I started getting as much info as I could on not only the Dusease but on what was available to help us both cope.
      I really could have done with a book/booklet such as the one you are about to embark on and I want to encourage you with God’s guidance to do this!
      Not only that, but when you have completed it I would LOVE a copy, as my tiny experience showed me how little there is available from a Christian perspective, just like you said πŸ™‚
      God bless you as you do this and please feel free to contact me at this email address..
      I would love to make contact with you!:)
      Your sister in Christ ” across the ditch ” ,
      Miranda Garic

  25. I am praying that God will continue to lift you up and use you in ways that we cannot even imagine. I will order the new book and put it in my church library as soon as I can get it. I am praying too that the new drug will be another great gift. You are loved !

  26. typo corrections from my post – please inlcuse – thanks!


    I spoke with my very good friend Rod Ochs this evening and he updated me on things. I am praying for you and I hope you will be able to make it to the Koinonia Institute meeting in October as I see you are scheduled, but I know obviously things are challenging, to say the least. You have always been a big blessing to me ever since Chuck brought me on in 1998, now over 16 years ago, and I count you, Chuck and the KHouse staff as family. My son is doing well in Ukraine and the Lord is using him in a powerful ways and my daughter is healthy and loving her family in Denver. I am trusting the Lord is drawing her back to a closer walk. I never hear from CJ sadly. As you may recall, I have had some family trials but have given that over to Jesus, some days I have to give it over again. I pray I get to see you in October but if for whatever reason I don’t, I will see you in heaven. God Bless you dear sister!

    In our Lord Jesus the Messiah,


    • Thank you Webster for your prayers for our Ministry!
      We always daily pray for fruitfulness that will remain for all eternity.
      The King’s High Way truly appreciates your love, kind words and continued prayers!
      All for His Kingdom and Glory,
      Lori And The King’s High Way Team

  27. Dear precious Nancy—-5 of we gals have been doing a summer Life Group study using the Kingdom, Power & Glory. We are reading the book and listening to your CD teachings. We have been blown away by the fresh new revelation we are receiving from the Holy Spirit!!! I visited your internet site today to purchase some additional books and read of your ongoing health journey. I had NO IDEA what you have been walking through. As a cancer survivor myself, I can relate JUST A LITTLE!! My goodness—what a time of struggle and challenge to “keep the faith”!!! But our God is BIGGER than any diagnosis! Cancer is an evil disease, thought up by the devil himself, from the pit of hell. Yet Jesus won victory over all our sins, iniquities, and diseases at The Cross. We stand with you in faith, believing God’s Word, thanking Him for your healing!! We look to the moment He makes real the manifestation of that completed healing!!!!! Five “women of the Word” in Olympia, WA are now pounding the gates on your behalf.

    In His love and with many prayers, Sharon Chappius – Church of Living Water

  28. I have been following Chuck & Nancy for years I have not seen an up date on Nancy’s condition for several months. I continue to pray for her. I am amazed how God works through doctors and prayer. I have had cancer myself so please let me know how she is doing. May God bless you. Jean

  29. GOD’S Grace IS with You and Your Family! I Thank GOD every day For All That You,
    Chuck, The Koinonia Family and Friends have done for millions of GOD’S children!
    You Have been such a blessing to all of us! Thank You for allowing God to use you
    in such mighty ways, to show all of us what he will do when we Let Him be in control!
    I don’t want to compare you with Job, but you could be used as a modern day example
    of the trials and tribulations that only a very few would be able to go through and be
    such an example of truly surrendering to his will. Your Humbling Faith is truly beyond what most humans can even imagine let alone understand. I Thank our Heavenly Father For the awe inspiring example that You and Chuck have been to all of us! GOD
    must have a big place in His heart for the two of you, and gifts beyond our
    comprehension. I can see, hear and Feel Jesus working in and through you both, ALL
    PRAISE and GLORY IS HIS and He is with you… Shalom, Amen

    • Dan, you echo my sentiments so perfectly that there’s nothing more to add. Thank you! Nancy, you are so loved, and such an inspiration to so many. I am moved as I read the updates of your journey, and so grateful for your generosity in sharing your hopes, your frustrations, your pain and your faith so openly. I thank God for you both!

      • Hi Lydia,
        Thank you for your kind words of encouragement!
        Nancy appreciates your love and continued prayers. Her new book on “Hope” is almost finished and will be available soon! We know many will be so touched and encouraged by it as she shares her heart even more through her continued faith journey with such precious transparency.
        Lori and The King’s High Way Ministries

    • Hi Dan!
      Thank you for taking the time to write a note and bless Nan and our ministry with your words of encouragement!
      All for His Kingdom and Glory,
      Lori and The King’s High Way Ministries

  30. Nancy
    I praise God He has completed His work in your new book!!
    Wonderul that Jesus has freed you from cancer, may He continue to restore your body.
    would love to go to your conference.
    love in Christ

    • Hi Sid,
      Thank you for your kind words for Nan!
      We will keep everyone informed when we know more about the future conference.
      Keep Nancy in your continued prayers!
      Much Agape,
      The King’s High Way Team

  31. I am happy and encouraged through this teachings,i am a church leader but in grate need of teachings ,here in Uganda leaders need training so much ,i am a bishop and many pastors whom i lead are in need of this teaching manuals ,kindly help us to help the body of Christ,may the Lord richly bless you pastor Chuck and Nancy.

  32. Shalom Nancy,
    Just so you know we have (Willem,my husband) and I have been praying for you in our devotion daily to our Father. We trust and know you are in God’s precious hands. We pray for a speedy recovery and hope you will soon be re-united with all your loving family.
    We were very lucky to be on Chuck’s last Berean Tour to Israel 2012 ( we missed you though!). It was a true Blessing to learn and feel God’s presence in His Promised land-Israel. Since the tour, with much inspiration from KI ministry(and the amazing worship times we spent with Dan &Sharon Stolebarger, and listening to numerous Chuck &Nancy DVD’S & AUDIO’S etc…) , I have now completed my Bronze and just started my Silver Pathway.
    I personally want to THANK YOU for your dedication and your example; you have shown me how to understand God’s Agape. Now I just want to share that and be a real Disciple for our Lord and Saviour in the days that remain.
    Blessings & Agape, from Mandurah WA, Australia.

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