The Importance of Agape

Video by Nancy Missler, posted on Sept 20, 2013

In this video, Nancy Missler explains the central role of Agape, the love of God, in Scripture. She uses 1 Timothy 1:5 to show that Love is the goal of our walk with God, and cites Philippians 3:14 to see that it is the mark of our high calling as believers.

Nancy goes on to explain 1 Corinthians 3:12-15, which is a very important section for Christians. It demonstrates that God will be looking for Agape in our lives when He evaluates our fruit at the Bema Seat Judgment.

Love is our purpose as we walk with God, per I Corinthians 13:1-3. This chapter is called, “The Love Chapter” by teachers for good reason.

Nancy emphasizes that Agape is not just for women, and it is not only a marriage issue; it is for “every single one of us!”

This video clip is an excerpt of a weekend seminar held in New Zealand by Chuck and Nancy in 2012.

This is the first video in our series, “Agape Essentials”. You can see the second video HERE.

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The Importance of Agape — 5 Comments

  1. Hi NANCY. Iam a first time visitor to this site. I sincerely pray that you get better and stronger. Surely this world need you and Mr Chuck Missler a lot. I used to watch him on GOD TV and got very interested in the way he brought out the things of the BIBLE. Only few days ago I got the net connectivity so posting this message. I can not tell enough how Iam indebted to Chuck for all the insight he gives. I am continuously searching for all his articles and videos. they are packed with wisdom and knowledge and explosive revelation. I possibly can not do the online purchase but will try to purchase his books from the book shops in my country. GOD BLESS YOU AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS. LOVE YOU.

  2. Ma, your article – Way of Agape What Is God’s Love, brought tears to my eyes. I cried. The fact,I found out that I am yet to find my feet concerning the unconditionality of this great love on reading the accont of the Pastor’s prison experience with the guard. Yet, for the assignment given to me concerning Love made me stumble on your article. How do I go concerning what God has assigned, when I fell so short of the subject matter? Will I ever get there – love unconditionally at all times, under all circumstances!

  3. What are the pitfalls of Calvinism? Do Calvinist believers endorse replacement theology? Is the Old Testament relevant to Calvinism when they talk about the New Testament church?

    • Welcome John! I’m glad you are willing to participate. Your questions are a little off-topic for this page, though. You will probably get more response if your comment is related to what a reader would be thinking about when they see it. God’s blessing!

  4. Nan, We just started “Way of Agape” here in Seattle! Watching you reminds me of how much my heart misses you and your gentle, loving manner! Your words and actions are full of God’s love! Your stories and sharing your own vulnerabilities has helped me accept my vulnerabilities and failures, so I am not stuck in them and can allow God to use them! As I walk and start to feel bad about “I wasn’t in the Spirit in that,” I am reminded that God uses it even if I said the wrong things and I think “I blew that.” Thank you for sharing your real life walk with God! Praying continually for you and your family in this season of life! God is stirring! We love you and miss you! Sandy and Russ

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