Be Ye Transformed

Be Ye Transformed: Understanding God’s Truth

In this sequel to The Way of Agape, Nancy shares that,

“without a renewed mind, our lives will remain the same as they’ve always been, no matter what we do or try. No matter how many Bible studies we attend, no matter how many Scriptures we know or how much we pray. Without a mind change, our lives will still have the same problems, the same failures and the same defeats as they always had. The battle for our lives is truly waged in our minds!”

James tells us “Be ye does of the Word, not hearers only.” (1:22) To hear the Word is so very easy, but to be “doers of the Word” is a completely different story. God wants us to genuinely walk in His Agape Love, display His wisdom and depend upon His power, not just talk about these things.

The only way this is possible is by learning how to moment by moment “renew our minds.” Romans 12:1-2 tells us that a renewed mind is the “key” to this transformation.

The Bible tells us that the goal and purpose of every Christian is to be “conformed into the image of Christ.” This transformation only occurs, however, as we learn to moment by moment renew our minds and take every thought captive. Without this constant renewal we will simply be conformed to the world’s image and our lives will remain the same as they always have been, no matter what we do or try. Therefore, our efforts to change should not be focused on our wrong actions, but on our wrong thinking. Be Ye Transformed explores the Biblical steps to the moment by moment renewing of our minds.

We are deeply indebted to the encouraging ground swell of supporting letters from our readers, the continued flood of case histories of repaired marriages and healed lives, as well as the scholastic confirmations from Biblical authorities, for their validation and their continued encouragement.

Clearly, there continues to be much personal pain among Christian believers. Part of this tragedy is that much of it endures because we do not appropriate the resources that God has given us…

Chuck Missler, Introduction