Faith In the Night Seasons

Faith In The Night Seasons: Understanding
God’s Will

God’s will is perfect. Why then do we kick so hard against it?

When good things happen we praise and glorify Him. When supposedly bad things happen we doubt God and quench His Spirit. Without clarity and understanding of His Will, life becomes a mystery in which we are seemingly thrown about by circumstances.

In Faith in the Night Seasons, we are introduced to a side of our faith that is not widely talked about. These are the times when we sense God has removed His presence from us, when we wonder if He hears our prayers at all and when we feel totally alone. The truth is that God is still with us, we are simply experiencing a “night season”.

What is a “night season”?

Are “night seasons” part of God’s will?

Are they Scriptural?

These are some of the questions Nancy answers in the book as she shares her own deep “night season” within us. The truths from Scripture that she gives will help you understand what God is doing and why. The book goes on to explain things like:

  • What is God’s will and how can we know it personally?
  • How are we able to walk by faith in these dark times?
  • What is the “key” to intimacy?

Through this book you will receive deeper insights into how much God loves you and wants to have an intimate relationship with you. You will also get a glimpse into your own underlying, and often hidden, self-centered ways while learning an alternate way to deal with them.

Faith in the Night Seasons not only relates the personal story of Chuck and Nancy Missler’s own night season, but also goes on to explain what we are to do if we find ourselves in similar circumstances.

These gentle encouragements will prove to be of enormous benefit to anyone who wonders what’s going on in their Christian life when troubles displace peace, and when light gives way to darkness.

Faith in the Night Seasons forcefully argues that God faithfully works to His glory and our greater good through the dark nights of the soul and spirit, teaching us to walk by faith when God seems to be the farthest from us.

William Welty, M.Div., Exec. Dir.,
The Learn Foundation

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