After almost 20 years of marriage, Chuck and Nancy Missler appeared on the “outside” to have it all: challenging careers, beautiful home and family and many of the trappings of an extremely successful lifestyle. On the “inside,” however, despite their strong commitment to Christ, events occurred that caused their marriage to fall apart. Nancy attended marriage seminars, read many self-help books and had everyone she knew praying, but nothing seemed to change and they appeared destined for divorce. Before taking such a drastic action, Nancy began to personally search the Scriptures for the answers to her broken heart. As she started practicing what the Lord revealed to her, a sequence of events began that revolutionized their marriage! embossed gold crown logo for The King's High Way Ministries

The First Books

Nancy wrote about the miracle of her healed marriage in her first book, Why Should I Be The First to Change? She followed this with The King’s High Way Series : The Way of Agape , Be Ye Transformed and Faith in the Night Seasons . These are not just “books by Nancy Missler” they are very much Bible Study courses that cover such topics as: What is God’s Love and how is it different from human love? How can we genuinely love the difficult people in our lives? What does it mean, in the practical sense, to be transformed by the renewing of our minds? And, how can we continue to have faith in God when everything in our lives falls apart. These three books are simply a chronology of Nancy’s own walk with the Lord-through a broken marriage, through bankruptcy, through a 6.8 Richter Scale earthquake, through the loss of their home, and finally, through the sudden and unexpected death of their first born son, Chip. As Nancy began to share the insights, requests began to come in from around the world to speak. Over the past 30 years, she has spoken at hundreds of seminars throughout the United States, as well as Europe, Australia, Singapore, Israel, Thailand and New Zealand. She has also appeared many times on national television and given hundreds of radio interviews.

More Books!

One of Nancy’s endeavors, The Plain and Simple Series , is designed to make the road toward God and a relationship with Him practical – plain and simple. Besides Why Should I Be The First To Change, titles in this series are: The Key, The Choice, Against the Tide, Tomorrow May Be Too Late and Never Give Up. Another series,In His Likeness, includes these titles: Private Worship: The Key to Joy and Reflections of His Image: The Purpose of Your Life. There is also a DVD in this same series called Re-Igniting the Passion. Nancy’s next work, written with Chuck, is The Kingdom, Power and Glory Series which focuses on the importance of our own personal accountability before the Lord (as Christians) in preparation for ruling and reigning with Christ in the coming Millennial Kingdom. Her latest book is Hope Against Hope. Hope is “the tie or the connection to the Lord behind the veil.” Hope not only allows us to “see Him who is invisible” in the midst of our trials, it also gives us the endurance to go on. Only “hope” can become the anchor of our soul when everything around us is crashing and burning. (Hebrews 6:18-19Nan has included some important truths she has learned in her walk with the Lord as she has faced cancer. Each of these books by Nancy can be used for personal study, and most can be used with a group (workbooks, Leader’s Guide, and DVDs are available.) You can learn more about them by clicking on a title and viewing the page for that book.