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Here’s an overview of all The King’s High Way studies available. Click on a title to see the full page where you can read more and order what you need.

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The Way of Agape is an extensive look at what the Bible has to say about God’s Love. This classic work by Nancy Missler is not just academic, though. Nancy started this study in order to understand how God’s Love had saved her marriage and her life. It is a work that is not just intensely practical, but also a very personal testimony. (Workbook, DVD/Audio, Leader’s Guide are also available.)

Be Ye Transformed  The Bible tells us that the goal and purpose for every Christian is to be “conformed to the image of Christ.” God wants us to genuinely walk in His Agape Love — God’s Love, display His wisdom and depend upon His power, not just talk about these things.This book will help you learn how to moment-by-moment renew your mind. No matter what your situation or what you have been through, God will make you more and more like Jesus. (Workbook, DVD/Audio, Leader’s Guide are also available.)

Faith in the Night Seasons   Have you said, “God where are you? Why are you letting this happen to me?” Have you ever experienced a time in your life where everything is turned upside down and you feel completely abandoned by God? This Bible Study will encourage you to hold onto your faith when night seasons happen. (Workbook, DVD/Audio, Leader’s Guide are also available.)

The Kingdom, Power & Glory is an extensive look at what comes after the Rapture. Does our behavior as Christians matter once we are assured of our salvation? Being “born again” is just the beginning of an intimate relationship, experiencing God’s Love. This book will change the way you live your day to day life and give you a “heavenly” perspective. (Study Guide, DVD/Audio, Leader’s Guide are also available.)

Private Worship: the Key to Joy is the first book in the series and it helps to answer the question “How do I enter God’s presence and how do I worship Him?” Nancy, not only gives us the practical steps for doing this, she also explains why this is the answer to rekindling our joy in the Lord.

Reflections of His Image: God’s Purpose for your Life, which helps believers actually become, not only in words, but also in deeds, a “reflection of Christ.” It shows us the importance of becoming a “living example” and then, gives the practical application to doing so. Knowing God’s Love, and expressing the Agape love to those around us is our mission.

Re-igniting the Passion: How to Restore One-ness in Marriage (DVD) God intends a Christian marriage to be a reflection of His love, but too often couples do not experience what He offers. The teaching in this video comes through a drama that follows a couple through their struggles, and a team-teaching presentation with multi-media aids. One of the highlights is a virtual walk through the first Jerusalem temple. While Nancy does not appear in the video, she designed it to show how God will restore one-ness in marriage, even if divorce is within sight.

Against the Tide: Getting Beyond Ourselves shows us how to choose to follow God when everything within us is screaming to do just the opposite.

The Choice: Hypocrisy or Real Christianity? is especially for youth. Masks, hypocrisy, and personal choices are presented in a way that helps answer the question, “How can I genuinely love those in the church who have hurt me?”

The Key: How to Let Go and Let God presents the moment-by-moment steps to letting go of ourselves, our circumstances and others. This is among the most popular books we have; we recommend it often because these practical steps apply so well to everyday living.

Why Should I be the First to Change?: The Key to a Loving Marriage is the story of how God’s truths turned around Chuck and Nan’s marriage. Nan’s first person account offers a direct answer to the position too many of us take: “My spouse won’t change; why should I?”

Never Give Up: The Fruit of Longsuffering is an honest look at those experiences that cause us to question what’s happening. It also examines the question, “How do we do our part?”

Tomorrow May Be Too Late: Discovering our Destiny unfolds God’s whole plan for mankind in a non-threatening, easy-to-read manner. It builds up to a chapter entitled, “What do I do to become a Christian?”

Book Lengths

The chart below shows the titles in each of our four series of studies. The number of chapters and of pages is listed beside each book to help you get a sense of the length of time that would be needed for a particular book. We recommend doing one chapter a week, but of course people have successfully tailored our studies a lot of different ways, and you’re free to do the same.

Title Chapters Pages of Text
The King’s High Way Series
The Way of Agape 15 318
Be Ye Transformed 16 350
Faith in the Night Seasons 14 350
The Kingdom, Power & Glory Series
The Kingdom, Power & Glory 14 358
In His Likeness Series
Private Worship 7 190
Reflections of His Image 8 274
The Plain & Simple Series
Against the Tide 7 172
Never Give Up 8 216
The Choice 5 171
The Key 7 117
Tomorrow May Be Too Late 7 145
Why Should I Be The First To Change? 8 115


Really Good Studies — 9 Comments

    • Hi Cindy,
      The last book that Nan wrote was called, “Hope Against Hope”. After it was published, Nan was getting inspired on some new information she was hoping to share and put in the book. She called it “The Last Chapter”. Maybe we will be able to add it with the next publishing–but not at this time. Thank you for your interest.
      Debbie Holland
      Director of Ministries – KHW

  1. hi praise God i was reading a topic titled the seven spirit of the lord.thas was so inspiration ,good work you are doing God bless you

  2. Would it be possible to purchase the charts from the book “Be Ye Transformed” for my study bible class at church or would you give me your permission for the church to copy the charts for me so we could put them in a folder. We received permission to make copies of the charts for “The Kingdom. Power & Glory’ classes. We are so blessed to have these resources for our classes.

    Thank you and blessings on your day.

    Mary LeBlanc

    • Hi Mary!
      It was nice to talk with you today on the phone!
      It blessed us so very much to hear about your on going Bible Study with our resources.
      I know you will enjoy the “Be Ye Transformed Leaders Guide” with over 25 charts on CD.
      Keep in touch and let us know how your class is doing.
      We always love to hear the “Life Transforming” testimonies!
      Much Love and Blessings,
      Lori and the King’s High Way Team

  3. Your excerpt on The way the glory shared on your set , does more than u could ever imagine. Because of the distinction us make in the 2 inheritances u deal a death blow to the devil And his spirit of err and and law and legalism demons which are. Constantly trying. To manifest their ugly tennacles by riding in on ignorant believers and well meaning. Legalistic preachers who full of pride and error. Challenge the great. Finished work of our savior the Lord Jesus Christ! Without u and others connecting the dots would llay dormant . Thanks for bringing on to the scene and articulating what a lot of us. Understand but cannot articulate on paper like u . Signed Armed And Dangerous!!!!!

  4. I want to thank you for your “Never Give Up” and “Against the Tide” books. They are so inspiring.

    I go to a “Never Give Up” group in Whittier, CA and we are in the “Against the Tide” book now.

    We are praying for a speedy recovery for Nancy, and can’t wait for the “Hope” book.

    God is giving us the patience.

    Pam Shields

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