Hope Against Hope

HOPE Against HOPE: The Anchor of Our Soul

“Hope is something we can possess, but it is also something we can lose.” — Nancy Missler

Hope Against Hope

You can have faith, but still be hopeless. After being a Christian for over 60 years, I, too, lost my hope this past year as I faced overwhelming and multiple physical challenges. When you lose your hope, you not only lose your mooring and your grounding, you also lose your vision and your dreams. But God…loved me so much…that he used my pain and suffering to teach me what real hope in Him means.

That’s what this book is all about.

Hope is “the tie or the connection to the Lord behind the veil.” Hope not only allows us to “see Him who is invisible” in the midst of our trials, it also gives us the endurance to go on. Only “hope” can become “the anchor of our soul” when everything around us is crashing and burning. (Hebrews 6:18-19)

Like Abraham, “who against hope believed in hope,” we must learn to unconditionally trust the Lord to do the impossible, regardless of what we see, what we think, or what we feel. (Romans 4:18)


This is such a timely book! Nancy Missler has once again faithfully shared the truths of God’s Word that she has learned in a time of trouble—incredibly deep trouble.

Her willingness to share her story, even when it includes being transparent about weakness and failure, allows us to walk that path with her and see why the truth she found is so profound and important.

Her words will inspire and equip readers to find the Hope they need, and be ready to share it with others!

Tim Tyler
a brother in the Lord