How To Choose A Study

Yes, there sure are some good studies to choose from, and it might be hard to know which one to choose. The most popular study right now is “The Kingdom, Power & Glory” but it is only barely ahead of the classic, “The Way of Agape”. Both of those are longer, so you might also want to know that we find ourselves recommending “Reflections of His Image” as a medium length study, and “The Key” for a shorter study. They are all so good.

Of course, there are a few things to consider:


We have both longer and shorter studies. See the chart on the bottom of the Really Good Studies page to get an idea of how long a study might go. We recommend doing one chapter a week, but of course people have successfully tailored our studies a lot of different ways, and you’re free to do the same.


Do you know who will be in your study, yet? If so, you might look over the studies and choose three for them to review. Get some feedback from members and then pray for wisdom and make the decision. If you have a partner to lead the group, you can make the decision together.


If this is a study being sponsored by a church, the leadership might like to give you some ideas. Even if you have total freedom, it is good form to let them know which study you are going to do. If they had no comment to make before, they may have some ideas at this point to share.

God’s Leading

After getting all the input, or even a vote, you want to be comfortable with the decision. It’s okay to take a few days to pray and consider the choice. If you are not at peace about it, let the people involved know how you feel and ask them to pray with you about it. No matter which study you choose, it will make little difference in the lives of participants if the choice is being done without God’s leading. Start with Him, go with Him, and finish with Him. That is the formula for a successful study group, no matter what the topic.

Now, you are ready to start the process. Just go to the Really Good Studies page and look over the titles that are available. There is a chart at the bottom that will let you see how many chapters there are for each book. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us for some ideas.

Don’t forget to read about group discounts and the other ways we can help your study!