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Please pray for Nancy as she goes into surgery tomorrow morning. Here are some thoughts from Debbie Holland and Tim Tyler to help you prepare. For more details click on “Update on Nancy Missler” in the menu bar.



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  1. Shalom Nan

    Blessings and love today, from Peter and I (norma) from Southport, Merseyside England. We are thinking about you LOTS and praying for you and our precious brother Chuck a great deal. Imfeelmas though I know both of you, of course in reality have sadly never met you, yet. We hope to put that right, and will ask our Lord and Saviour when we can visit, next year some time. You are a big part of our lives. Hold on tight to that rope of hope. I am holding onmwith you. I will,write again, With love in Yeshua

    Norma Ley. (Southport, Merseyside, England)

  2. I had left an e-mail before realizing I could leave a post ~~so I will do both.

    As I said I am late to this information as usual so I will pick up my war chest and prayer veil(in my heart), and whenever I think of you either during the day or middle of the nite I will send a request with your name on it to the Thrown of GOD.

    In CHRIST our LORD and KING

    Barb Rutherford

  3. Isn’t our God great! He led me to KI where I’m learning the depth of God’s Word and now I find King’s High Way. I was directed to the website because of your cancer and surgery Nancy. I am about halfway into my bronze so have been with KI awhile and didn’t know until today that you had a web ministry. The parallels in our lives are amazing. After 32 years of marriage, my struggles to learn agape by taking care of Jim’s needs for 15 years as he laid in bed and concentrated on just breathing. God mercifully took him home in 2005. Then my precious daughter at 50 is taken home from the results of scleroderma that hit her lungs. Then, after loving and serving out Lord for over 70 years, I hear the words, “you have cancer in your left lung”. It was malignant and I did have surgery and am still recovering. I know where you are in all of this Nancy, I hear it in your voice, I praise our Father for the love, joy, and calmness He is giving you. Knowing that whatever happens it will be the very best. Love and prayer my precious sister.

  4. Dearest Nan, As JESUS walked thru the fiery furnace with the 3 young Hebrew men, HE, our MIGHTY GOD and KING our HEALER and DELIVERER will carry you thru your trial of this illness; and when it is over, you will come forth as gold. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Chuck and your entire family. GOD walk with all of you thru this time. LOVE, Shirley, one of your listeners and readers.

  5. Dear Nan, I thank God for the mighty ways He has worked through you to be such a blessing to me, my husband and so many of our friends that have read your books. My life has been transformed even more then before through the power of the Holy Spirit blessing you with such wisdom and revelations that has truly set me free in so may ways.

    Abba Father, I thank you so much for Nan and all that you have done through her. You are amazing Abba and we love you with all our heart. Father your word says “I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears, The angels of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him and delivereth them, The righteous cry and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all, My soul waits thou only upon God, For my expectation is from Him, He only is my rock and my salvation, He is my defence, I shall not be moved, In God is my salvatiion and my glory the rock of my strength, Trust in Him at all times, Pour out your heart before Him, Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart, commit thy way unto the Lord, Trust Him and He shall bring it to pass, God has spoken once, twice have I heard this, that the power belongeth unto God. I thank you Abba that your word is true and we stand upon it. We give you thanks now for the powerful testimony that will come through Nan as you heal and bless her. Psalms:34,62&37

    My prays are also with your family, Lots of love from Sonia Facer, England xxxx

  6. Beloved Nan:) I want to encourage you that God is your Doctor at all hours and His Way was that He healed All. I had Thyroid cancer and they removed it and I took radiation. Now there is no cancer. My Dad has had Cancer 4 times and is now cancer free at 79 years of age. He went through major surgeries on his cheek bone and radiation therapy. God likes to give us the good desires of our heart. I wanted my Dad to live so God is good and a healer and Our Hero:) Mrs. Nancy You are His and I believe the desire of God’s heart is to heal you too:) Of course you know all of this…up close and personal and can teach us what Hope means in the middle of a new testing. My heart’s desire Lord is to see what you have for us in your book on Hope through sweet Nan Amen:) Rest in His strength to do what He is Excellent at:) Hugs from Mrs Cathy

  7. My prayers are with you and your families. I praise God and have a great privilige to pray for what God has given you to pass on..

    Always in my prayers
    Pam Shields

  8. It is wonderful to view these messages from the ministry and to see your animated face, Nancy. Your summation of The Kingdom, Power, and Glory and Daniel Webster’s statement about the thought of accountability before God is exciting to hear. My husband and I have been teaching about the Judgment Seat of Christ, Christian accountability, and how that relates to the Millennial Kingdom, in small home groups for many years, and we never fail to see that these truths excite Christians and change their lives in a way that no other teaching does. We are so excited by your comprehensive treatment of these matters in the Kingdom, Power, and Glory materials. We have prayed for your surgery today and for God to do an amazing miracle that will glorify His Name through your situation. We know that He has an amazing plan in this that will transform all the shock, and pain, and distress for you and everyone who knows about you into a testimony that will Make His Name GREAT! God BLESS you, BEAUTIFUL Nancy!

  9. Nan, I have known of your ministry since the early 90’s when I went through a very difficult time in my marriage of 15 years. My children were young and I had just lost my mother. Your ministry touched me and left an impression on my life that 15 years later I found myself in the an even greater difficulty in my marriage that ended in divorce after 30 years of marriage, 3 children and 1 grandchild. I continue to read your books, the “Way of Agape” has been one of the books that has had the greatest effect on my life. I could not have gone through the painful events in my life and be here today as a 55 year old divorced women and know in my heart that the Lord has given me compassion for my ex-husband, his wife and her children that allowed me to encourage our children to love and respect their dad and his family in the love of Christ. May your life find favor in the Lord to bring you through this difficult time in your life and may you come through the surgery with miraculous healing. God bless you Nan and your husband Chuck and the ministry that the Lord has given to you.

  10. You and Chuck have been a blessing to the bible study group I go to. We have studied your books and revelations, esther and ruth, the christmas, we are now doing Acts. your studies are deep thank you

  11. We love you Nan and the King’s Highway Ministry! You and your example of walking with Jesus in Agape Love is etched in my heart! Thank you for loving the Lord like you do and allowing Him to work in and thru you! As we lift you up in prayer, we know God is speaking to you and encouraging you during this difficult time! “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us” Eph 3:20 Love R&S

  12. I will be praying constantly for Nan & her medical team today. I am believing for God’s very best plan for Nan at this point. She is a beautiful, surrendered vessel & totally belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. I became acquainted w/ her teaching in the late 90’s & it revolutionized my thinking. It has ministered to me through all these difficult years. So many times God brings her words of hope & faith into my mind & I remember how to deal w/ adversity & disappointment….trials & tribulations. The last 22 years I have spent ministering to my daughter, J___ (37), who has mild CP & many health problems plus mental disorder. It has been excruiatingly painful….but, praise God… a complete walk of faith & trust. I am forever grateful for Nan’s teaching. The video was very helpful & encouraging. To God be the Glory forevermore…You Are Loved, Jeanne

  13. My prayers are with Nan as she goes through this surgery as well as the prayers of my friends. Sometimes God allows things that are difficult and seemingly impossible in order that His magnificent power and HOPE can shine through. Nan and Chuck have their hope in Christ, and regardless of the outcome, opening this very personal time to those of us who love them both, allows us to share in that HOPE in Christ. For truly, He is our only really TRUE HOPE. My prayers are also with Chuck and the rest of the family. I know they have never met me, but I feel like they are both such a part of my life, that surely they are my famiy as they both have had such a share in my Christian growth that I feel that to me they more than just in the famiy of Christ. Our growth in Christ is so personal and so intimate, and I hope they feel the comfort of their extended family in Christ very powerfully at this really difficult and traumatic time.

  14. thank you so much for sending me these videos. I don’t use Facebook and have felt a little disconnect because I’ve known Nancy has stayed in touch using it. I am up early with Nan and her family heavy on my mind, and was happy to find this forward from her ministry.

    I also appreciate so much getting updates on Nan. I ask the Lord to keep her on my mind all day every day during this hardest of times and for the Holy Spirit to pray through me when I know not how. I also ask the Lord to keep others praying constantly for her.

    Thank you and I praise Jesus again and again for you all. Agape, Sharon

  15. Thank you Tim and Debra for letting us know what is happening – the news just really surprised and saddened me. I love Nan! She is a delightful lady and I have learned so much from her materials. I am an Australian in Australia but was on the Berean 2010 Tour and fortunate enough at that time to be able to say hello to her. She has such a warm personality and immediately I felt so close to her and that she was a friend. I will be praying for her in the coming days and weeks that all goes well for her. Lots of love and blessings Nan, Faye

  16. Dear Nancy, I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I can only imagine how much this has gripped your and Chucks world. I have had the priviledge of a retreat with you many years ago and I loved it. God truly has used you.
    Nancy I wanted to share with you the miracles that God gave our family. Our daughter who had many life tragedies dumped on her life one after another and then a bitter divorce caused her to try and take her own life four times in eleven months, each time worse then the one before. The 3rd time she was on life support for 56 hours and they told us the first day to be prepared that she probably would not live through the night. Well She did and we thought that she was truly doing better and that she was going to be fine.
    Well four and one half months later she took so many pills that as hard as they tried they had a hard time giving us any hope because of what she had taken and the amount that she took. They said that if she made it through the night that she maybe could make it. They said right now it is minute to minute. We watched as a team of at least 11 people worked on her for 9 hours without a break. They were amazing!
    At 4:30 A.M. They moved her to ICU and there at least three people were by her side all day. At around 4 Pm two Dr.s came in to talk with her dad, 3 sisters, and I to tell us that they felt that she was out of the woods, that her heart was responding well and that she was probably going to make it. needless to say we were all crying with joy and praising God for His mercy on us and our daughter. Less then one hour later another Dr. came in, a Neurologist and examined our daughter. He then came over to us and in a very gentle way told us that our daughter was brain dead. I asked in disbelief “how can you be so sure?” He just replied that she had no responses to his tests and that she had what is called doll eyes. I asked about a brain scan and he assured me that they would be doing one that evening.
    After he left the room we crawled in bed with her one by one and held her each of us crying, saying our good-byes and pleading with God to please ,please save our beautiful daughter and sister.
    As we left I asked her special nurse “I know what the Dr. said, but will you still please take care of my baby?”
    She shook her head yes and told me “yes, don’t worry. We have to anyway until you decide what you want to do.”
    We left the hospital with a numbness that I cannot explain. We drove home in silence with the news of our child being gone.
    I called the hospital 2 hours later to see whether they had done the test yet and they told me that the Dr. had just completed the test and if I could hang on he would talk with my husband and I. He told us very softly that he was very sorry, but that there were no brain waves. I asked him every way that I knew how, Are you sure? I know that you don’t want to give us false hope, but have your ever seen someone come back from something like this. I remember he just kept saying, I’m so sorry, no. He finally said , “I have been doing this for 28 years and I have never seen anyone come back from this.”
    I’m not sure how we slept that night, but I know that God allowed me to have about 4 hours of very heavy sleep.
    When I awoke I laid in bed and tried to go through all that was immediately before us.
    Where would we bury our daughter? What would I choose for her to wear? How were we ever going to tell her two young sons?
    After awhile I finally got up called our pastor and started to plan her funeral.
    I then got ready and my husband and I planned to go to the hospital and spend the day with our still-living-on-life-support daughter. I told my husband while she is still a warm body I am going lay in bed with her and love on her one last day a least. I had my hand on the doorknob to leave when the phone rang and I figured with all of concerned family and friends that I had better get it before we leave.
    It was the hospital. The woman on the other end of the line said “Good morning, Is this Mrs Smith?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “This is Susie at ****** and I thought that you might want to know that your daughter is waking up .”
    After many questions she conveyed that our daughter was awake and even though still on a ventilator our daughter was able to make it clear to them that she wanted to see her Mom and Dad.
    It has been two year this April since that glorious day and our daughter knows Jesus in a way that she says she has never known Him before and that she knows that God saved her. We know that too. Along with many from that hospital.
    Nancy when everything looks impossible just know that God is above all and it really doesn’t matter what man says or thinks. It is all up to our precious loving Lord. God Bless You, Karen

    Please feel free to post this e-mail if you think that it will encourage others. That’s the way God wants it.
    Also if you would like to check out our facts please notify me and we can arrange that.

  17. Dear Nancy

    We love you and we know that our LORD is with you and will undertake for you.


    LORD JESUS, thank YOU that YOU have suffered for our healing.

    Thank YOU LORD, Nancy is your child and YOU have her in the palm of YOUR HANDS.

    We trust YOU for her healing.

    We pray this in the name of our LORD AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST, OUR MESSIAH AND OUR KING.

    Love you Nancy.

  18. Nan, We love you, we love your ministry and we love how Jesus shines through you, through your writing and through your beautiful team at The Kings High Way. You are being held in our hearts and lifted in our prayers as you triumph over cancer.
    Scott (who has triumphed over melanoma) & Cindy

  19. Thank you for the videos. I and many others are praying for Nancy’s surgery and complete healing.
    Strengthen for her family and for all of us who love her. Keep us posted.
    Sandy West Covina Ca

  20. Love you so much Nancy and Chuck and all you who minister alongside them. I’ll be joining the armies of the Lord in lifting you all up in prayer.

    Lord have mercy on this precious sister and family. We know you love them and we know you are good and we know you are in control.

    In Your Grip of Grace,
    kathy & family

  21. Hi, I will pray for Nancy. I am going to claim Christ’s delivering and healing blood for Nancy.

    In His Precious Blood,

  22. The video was such an encouraging blessing for those of us who, like you, are empathizing in prayerful earnestness for our precious sister in Christ’s perfect healing. In His arms of everlasting comfort and peace as tomorrow comes!

  23. I will be praying for you and your doctors and family for the Lord’s guidance and His upholding you in His perfect love.

  24. Dear sister Nancy,
    You inspire me…I love you…I am with you and brother Chuck in the midst of your trial…

    Your book on hope is eagerly awaited!

    Nothing is over till our Father in heaven Himself says it is over…and till the point of our final breath we will praise Him…”let us be singing when the evening comes…bless The Lord o my soul…”

    Love (agape),
    Preeti from India

  25. I just watched the video of future direction and I’m so excited right along with you all for how God will use that! 🙂 I love you and thank you for everything!!

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