The Emotion of Fear

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In the wake of the bombings in Boston, Tim and Debbie have an informal conversation about the emotion of fear and why we are to abide in the Lord.



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The Emotion of Fear — 6 Comments

  1. Hi. .Thanx for the uplifting site. .and messages. .
    Nancy. .when we are weak He is strong . .i hold onto this verse as our strength is in our Beloved Jesus. .
    i too had stage 4 cancer but our God carries us through. .
    Bless you and yours
    Love in Jesus

  2. Thanks for your message of encouragement.

    I pray that Nancy will continue to improve after her sugery on Monday. She has been very brave and we know that God is with her through all of this. Yes Debbie, my favorite scripture. The Lord thy God is with you Wherever you go, wherever you go, Amen

    Much love and blessings.

  3. What a blessing Tim and Debbie – Living for Jesus! That is what came to my mind first. I am so blessed listening to you. So much tragedy in the world. The Boston Marathon bombings were so unexpected. Then we know that we are to be prepared and ready every day of our lives. When I heard the news about Nan for the first time, I certainly questioned God. This amazing, loving, strong woman of faith; His obedient child who abides in Him always. It was such unexpected news. Through it all and feeling His strength; knowing that He is with her. That many around the world are praying for our dear Nan. Praying that when they are in prayer for Nan that they will also receive the answers that they need for the struggles in their own lives. Praising Him for the miracles in my life and believing Him for complete healing in Nan’s life. Again, thankful for your updates. Love and prayers! Joann

  4. Thanks for another very uplifting & motivating discussion. I appreciate your short videos & their content. Praying for Nan & all of the KHW ministry. God bless & keep us all. Jeanne, Hampton, GA

  5. Dear Kings Highway

    My friend Sharyn in Port Elizabeth, South Africa sent me ‘The Way of Agape’ in order to do the course with her. I inadvertently put in the ‘Night Seasons’ instead (praise God) and want to thank Nancy so much for this incredible teaching. I was thrust into a situation whereby I was locked out of my place of work with no warning or saved funds and Nancy’s teaching has kept me clinging to God like I’ve never done before. My understanding of my present circumstances has increased so much and I praise God for giving Nancy the insight to impart this wonderful teaching.
    Continually praying for Nancy’s full recovery.
    May you all be blessed in Jesus precious name.

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