We’re In This Together

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As a Christian, you have a Father who cares about your needs. Listen to Debbie and Tim talk about how those needs can be met through the body of Christ, the church. There’s a lot at stake for all of us.


We’re In This Together: Part 2


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We’re In This Together — 3 Comments

  1. I am so thankful after watching this video, to your ministry for speaking on this subject. I have struggled in isolation for years now, and in my prayers just this morning was asking the Lord to show me how to love. I struggle with my concept of God’s love.Often believing that His love is conditional on my ability to obey him perfectly. A Lie! Agape love is unconditional Love, Through this video my prayer was answered.I am so encouraged!!. Human love is to love the lovely, It is Agape Love that I receive from the Lord.And it isn’t based on my performance but on His.Love and prayers for the Kings Highway

    • Thank you, Libby! It’s so good to see God using our site as a blessing to you and others. We all need “adjustments” along the way. Agape! Tim

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