Why Am I So Miserable?

Video by Nancy Missler, posted on Oct 10, 2013

“Where is the abundant life that we hear about?” That’s what Nancy Missler was asking. She examines how Christians can end up feeling miserable and missing the abundant life they have been promised; His Agape. There are three things that Nan has found will pull us away from God’s path. Matthew 24:12 and Romans 14:23 help explain what is at the core of the problem.

This video clip is an excerpt of a weekend seminar held in New Zealand by Chuck and Nancy in 2012.

This is the second video in our series, “Agape Essentials”. You can see the third video HERE.

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Why Am I So Miserable? — 2 Comments

  1. I love the misslers and my prayers are with you. I dont have a computer but I have a phone that can see your website. I thank you for letting all that teaching be free on YouTube. It is saving my daughter and her family. Bless you and I will praise Jesus forever!

  2. I am a 49 year old woman in my 2nd marriage. My first marriage ended due to alcoholism in 1999. Then I was very wounded, disillusioned and single for 10 years to then remarry in 2008. I am also now a fulltime step mom to 3 teenage boys. This past 6 to 9 months have been extremely rocky in this 2nd marriage. This time I married the workaholic and totally relate to Nancy’s testimony. Ironically…. I remember by ex-husband who is the alcoholic … right after our divorce… he began talking about the Missler’s and The Way Of Agape. I didn’t pay much attention to him …as our marriage had ended in domestic violence and a jury trial on top of it. I had tried everything from AL-Anon meetings for years ..to marriage books to…etc. I was plain disillusioned when all came to an end. I had tried so hard to ‘just love him.’ Whatever spiritual idea of that I had at the time. So… now I find myself feeling the same things in my 2nd marriage but this time my 2nd husband sounds just like Chuck Missler. He is a Senior Computer Engineer. Working almost constantly. He is now being asked to travel out of state even. I sound just like Nancy in her testimony. And I have reached that place of realizing that I am so bankrupt and have no love inside of me. And HAVE been asking God… about this ‘supposed’ abundant life. So

    So.. the Lord recently reminded me of Malcolm Smith’s ministry and his teaching series on “Unconditional Love.” I have a few books on my shelf I have had for years. One of them is titled; “Toxic Love.” Wow. I began to cry and come under conviction as I read it again. It’s been many years.. and perhaps was not even ready for it the first time around.

    Then… I was in a Thrift Store a month of so ago… and checking out the books in the religion/Christian section. And I happened upon Nancy’s book; “The Way Of Agape” and the workbook to go with it. Neither have been written in all! It reminded me of my ex-husband mentioning this to me. I bought them.

    So… God has convicted me and has begun to reveal to me that I know nothing about His AGAPE love. The idea that I am to love unconditionally with God’s supernatural love. I have been going through a time of repentance and have been asking God how to do this. It’s a whole new way of thinking and living and even the first baby steps have been so scary. I feel so fragile and wonder if this is even possible.

    So I sat down with Nancy’s book and workbook tonight and began to read. As I read both Chuck’s and Nancy’s testimony’s I knew … God had placed the books in my hands. I was stunned as I began to read Chuck’s account of his workaholism. And of Nancy’s response to it prior to Agape. It was as if they were reading our ‘mail.’ It was all so unbelievable.

    I still feel myself struggling even as I read their testimonies. Part of my flesh is screaming… “Yeah! Well, Nancy had EVERY RIGHT to be angry. And so DO IT! His priorities were not in the right place and neither are my husband’s! They are neglecting their families!”

    I cry out in my grief. Grief because this is the 2nd time around for me and I have given up on Love altogether and am at the point of despair!

    But I know that Malcolm and Nancy are speaking truth. I know that for my entire life I have been operating out of TOXIC HUMAN LOVE. And I cannot take it anymore. It’s now time to listen. Quiet myself and listen. Let myself weep and grieve as the Holy Spirit begins to soften my hardened closed off heart.

    I am grateful I have found this resource now also…. to help me along in my journey.

    In Him,

    Laura S

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