A Man of God has Passed

The King’s High Way Ministries is tightly knit together with Koinonia House, so the loss of Chuck Missler this week strikes deeply here. As with so many other believers, we are also experiencing joy for Chuck, now that he is free of this earthly tent. He has moved on to glory, seeing everything clearly with Jesus, and again embracing his wife Nan, and their sons Chip and Mark, as well as a host of family and friends who went before them into eternity.

Our hearts go out to the family members who are still with us: their two daughters, Lisa and Meshell and their families, along with the families of Chip and Mark. We pray God will comfort and strengthen all of them.

Chuck was 83 years old, and had retired in New Zealand (he was still a US citizen, but had established residency in NZ). He would have turned 84 on May 28, but his health took a turn such that he began with hospice care just days before he passed away on May 1, 2018.

The family is planning a celebration of his life at Candlelight Christian Fellowship, located at 5725 North Pioneer Drive, Coeur d’Alene, ID on June 2, 2018 at 2 pm. (PLEASE NOTE: the location has changed, so if you are attending, be sure you use this address.) The service will be live-streamed (Pacific Daylight Time) from Candlelight (on the home page, click on “Listen & Watch”). Chuck will be laid to rest beside Nan in New Zealand on June 16. That service will also be streamed, check the K-House site for details and links.

Chuck and Nan began Koinonia House as a vehicle for their ministry together. Chuck had been teaching the Bible through Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for years, and Nan had just begun teaching and writing about marriage and Agape. Chuck’s forte was obviously his amazing ability to present Scripture using insights from science, history, and Bible prophecy. More than forty years later, he has reached millions of people with his topical studies and verse-by-verse exposition of Scripture.

In his last message to us, Chuck shared that he had been impressed that he was to “stay the course” and finish well. Then he went on and exhorted us to study the Bible and press on to do God’s will. It’s safe to say that Chuck faithfully kept his message to the end.

Thousands of people have honored Chuck on the K-House website and FaceBook page. Thousands more are commenting after reading tributes given on blogs, various ministry websites, YouTube vlogs, etc. The overwhelming message is a deep appreciation for Chuck Missler’s convincing belief that the Bible is from God, without error, and should be studied by every believer in Christ—and unbelievers, too!

We join our voice with theirs and revere Chuck as a great Bible teacher; one who helped us hear God’s voice through the Scriptures.

We look forward to seeing Chuck and Nan again. Maranatha!


The King’s High Way staff



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  1. Chuck Missler was a messenger that God had sent so that my eyes could be opened to more truth and to teach me that I was searching in the right direction, when others were not teaching the whole bible and telling the whole truth. It is so difficult today to find men and women who are teaching the Word of God, from His perspective to us so that we might understand the message that has been put before. I realize with all the help provided K-house that this is my study, of which God has provided for me. Along with all thinkers and practioners of the Word of God. My condolences to the Missler families and friends, and will continue to learn many things from this great man of God. Thanks K-house and I will continue to pray for the success of this establishment, in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

  2. I Praise Almighty God for the way(s) He has used Chuck and Nan! May all praise and glory go to the
    Lord who has made us in His own image, breathed life into us and saved us by His grace by the blood of Jesus, our coming King and Savior of All… who will come! Chuck and Nan are residing in glory now and their rewards will be great! Praise Him forever more!

  3. I love you guys!! I’m so grateful for the things God taught me through both Nancy and Chuck. Blessings on all of you beautiful women at the King’s Highway as we mourn our loss in their passing. I’m glad they are now both with our great King, at peace as we all await the final chapters of the cosmic story. (Pssst. Chuck was born in 1934, not 1937.)

  4. I only belatedly came to know of your ministries thru receiving “The Eagle’s Story”…

    So Biblical and so heart-inspiring, a blessing to all I have shared it with.

    I am nearing my 81st birthday, have known my Triune God from the early age of childhood

    I praise Him for all His blessings and spiritual growth

  5. Dr. Missler has taught me so much. The gratitude I have for him for his faithfulness and to his wife for hers is immense and cannot be adequately expressed in words. The loss I feel though never even having meet him personally is so great sometimes I can’t stop crying..I rejoice for him knowing he is home with the Lord, but hey, he’s gone! lol! and you know I’m just being real. I look forward to seeing him and Nancy, meeting them and thanking them for being who they were created to be and teaching me how truly amazing the Bible is, that it is the Word of God.

  6. I have learned so much listening to Chuck Missler, I now teach a Sunday school class, I got on line to see if he was speaking anywhere near me. The world needs more people like him and his late wife. I will continue to read and study. He will be missed dearly.

  7. I was searching the web when I first came across Dr . Missler name on the Blue Letter Bible site. From that day when ever I read the Bible I would then listen to Dr. Missler teach the passage at times I listen to his teaching for an entire day I wish I could have meet him in person. Looking forward to meeting him in heaven.He will be missed but I will continue to follow his teaching. Praying for his family and friends and may we follow the teaching of Jesus as he did.

  8. Their ministry is such a blessing. So grateful for the easy to understand deep teachings from Mr. Missler and Mrs. Missler. So grateful that they have left so much behind on various sites that will continue to be an instrument of drawing sheep to the fold worldwide. So sadden to hear of his passing yet joyful to know where they are together. Blessings on his family and continued ministry.

  9. I remembered the first time I listen to Chuck,it was over my head,specially when English was my second language.
    But I got so motivated by his teaching that I started to listening to him all the time with draws full of his teaching.
    Which I will treasure even more now.
    Also, Nancy I adored her she was the best teacher in the world and the best was, you could see,and feel the deep love she had for Jessu.
    I followed her all throughput her illness I cried when she died like she was my real sister.

  10. Chuck first caught my attention on God TV with Wendy Alec and her x-husband End -Times Prophecy program! They would call him and have him call them back after he moved to New Zealand. George Noorey had him on Coast to Coast AM, andvI saw him there, also Joe VanCovering in FL. In the last few years he has taught me so much, and I will always miss him. I owe him very much for what he has done for me! I have expressed it to him many times, and I hope the word reached him. My condolences to all of you and his family. May God bless, comfort and protect us all in the coming days! We are in exciting times, and we need to pray for President Trump and America. Thank you,
    Gola Lewis

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