“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”    (Psalm 119:105)

Hi everyone—

This Fall, let’s make it our number one priority to daily read and study God’s Word!

It is vitally important to have a plan, such as:
• setting the alarm to get up earlier in the morning to read the Word and pray
• enjoying our lunch time studying the Word with a co-worker
• walking and listening to a great Bible study that keeps us daily hearing the Word

Maybe this is your year to facilitate a fall Bible study–you might be surprised at how many people will come and be blessed! The King’s High Way has everything you need to do a group study and be transformed by studying together in the Word. So many people have held a study and then told us that it was life-changing.

So, this Fall let’s keep our walk with the Lord strong by spending time digging deep into the Truth from the Scriptures so that God’s Word will be a lamp to our feet and a light to our daily path.

En Agape,
Debbie Holland
Director of Ministries – King’s High Way


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  1. The Way of Agape book & workbook opened my eyes
    to an experience I don’t think I would have experienced.
    My late husband & I shared it with many. So I’m writing this to say thanks to all involved and to honor the memory of Nancy.
    The revelation still grows. I’m now 75 yrs old and still cherish and share this book.
    Lois Adair

  2. Hi Debbie – Been years but I just wanted to say God Bless you all In JESUS HOLY NAME !!! tons of work to keep doing and we are very thankful to be able to continue encouraging people in Christ !!! as He is Faithful !!! We Pray Gods Hand with you in everything and we will Pray this daily as it is on our daily Prayer list. We love you Respectfully Robert

  3. I first became aware of Chuck Missler by listening to his 66/40 radio program on ACN. Through that I learned of a DVD he had produced called Learn The Bible in 24 Hours. I was hooked and began reading and watching anything I could find by him. I had the privilege of meeting him once at a Steeling The Mind Conference. I never met Nancy Missler but I have been as blessed by her work as well as Chuck’s. God blessed us with their presence in this world, and we are continued in His blessings by the availability of their work on their websites! It will be a pleasure to greet them in God’s Kingdom!

  4. Hi. Debbie
    Love reading. NaN s devotionals. Chuck and. Nancy meant so very much to. Peter and. I, words are inadequate

    THANK YOU for being obedient, and “ standing in the gap”.

    Blessings and agape, in our Lord and Saviour. Norma UK. X

  5. I met Nan in New Zealand just after my son died. We had a special time of prayer together as Nan had also suffered the loss of her son
    Some years before I was greatly helped by Melary Wolfe when my husband was dying.
    I thetefore have a great love for your work and pray that God will continue to richly bless you and use you.

  6. Our Bible study group finished The Way of Agape in the spring and just started it up again this fall. All the gals wanted to revisit and deepen the truths that the Lord showed Nancy. We are grateful and feel like it is so core to the understanding of how to live out the Christian life! Thanks so much1
    Blessings and love from Elko, Nevada!!

  7. I have only just discovered this website! I have read and listened to the Misslers for so long and been so blessed by their sharing and teaching
    Looking forward to meeting them in heaven!

  8. I struggle with homosexuality. I am not involved in that lifestyle but am in a continuous battle with it. I have been a believer for 35 years but have never been able to totally eliminate that temptation. Since I can’t get total victory in my thought life, does that mean I am not an overcomer? It grieves me to be a weak believer in this area. I have literally tried everything including both a 21 and a 40 day fast. I am the poster child for Psalms 88. Really. We are so close to the Rapture I , I will use the word…. FEAR….. I fear I will get left behind. I know Chuck was…is… an awesome man of God. My hope is that someone connected to his ministry will be able to advise me on this matter.

    • Hello Mike! Nancy emphasized again and again the we cannot prevent thoughts of temptation; they will come. Chuck said this is something like not being able to prevent a bird from landing on your head, but you can prevent it from building a nest. Do not be afraid. You have believed in Jesus and been adopted into the body of Christ. You are justified to stand in the very presence of God. Be assured that you will hear the call of the last trumpet and be instantly delivered into the presence of Jesus, along with all other believers. That’s what it says in the Bible. God has preserved the Bible so we can be sure of what He thinks of us: before and after believing. Trust the Truth, walk in the Way, and let your love of God lead you into service with God. May you see God’s blessing! –Pastor Tim

      • Hi Tim, it sounds like you love the Lord more than life itself. Temptations plague us all but making those moment-by-moment faith choices as Nancy discuss in “The Way of Agape” really helps to resist the flesh and satan’s trap. It even explains satan tactics. It is our sinful actions and mulling over the thoughts that separate us from God. Continue to take those thoughts captive, the book tells you how. You are an overcomer!

    • Mike,

      May Yahuah free you from your battle. Ive not dealt with this struggle but have dealt with pornography addiction. In my experience demons may have many levels of a hold on you and you may need to rebuke them again and again, ask Yahuah to reveal where their strongholds are and renounce them. Generational sins can bring them in and give them a foothold, not following Torah, or some other sin. Yahshua is sure to forgive and His blood is all you need but there seems to be more to overcoming addiction and being totally cleansed. May Yahuah bless you and keep you! May He make His face shine upon you. May He turn His countenance toward you. A brother in Yahshua. Resist the devil and he will flee from you, the word is your best weapon, know and use it.

    • Mike,
      You are courageous for sharing this thorn with fellow believers. Perhaps that you have struggled yet never fell means that you are indeed an overcomer. You are loved. You are important. I hope this will pass from your life and become a weapon to fight the enemy. God has a plan for you.
      Be blessed Mike and know that there are people praying for you.
      Your brother in Christ,

    • Mike,
      there is an old book called Sit, Walk, Stand.

      we often think we are walking the walk only when we first stand against the enemy, and will eventually find that place of rest.

      We first have to accept that God knows who we are and loves us as we are – and we can sit at his feet as we are – without shame. In doing this, we find we have the power to walk in his strength, and in this is the power to stand against the enemy.

      Your heavenly Dad loves you, has you in the palm of his hand, and is not a butter-fingers

  9. I have been listening to Mrs Missler’s “The Way of Agape” and the thrust of the message is indeed correct.

    I was reminded of the acronym Dr Missler oft quoted; GRACE, God’s Redemption At Christ’s Expense.

    However, in the case of Mrs Missler’s message the acronym CARE came to mind, i.e. Christ’s Agape Relieves Expectation. Similar to GRACE, CARE is in the present and on-going.

    • Just found this website. Glory to ELOHIM! Such wonderful encouragement from like believers. Praise His holy name forever!!! Thank you!

  10. I Praise Almighty God for the way(s) He has used Chuck and Nan! May all praise and glory go to the
    Lord who has made us in His own image, breathed life into us and saved us by His grace by the blood of Jesus, our coming King and Savior of All… who will come! Chuck and Nan are residing in glory now and their rewards will be great! Praise Him forever more!

  11. I love you guys!! I’m so grateful for the things God taught me through both Nancy and Chuck. Blessings on all of you beautiful women at the King’s Highway as we mourn our loss in their passing. I’m glad they are now both with our great King, at peace as we all await the final chapters of the cosmic story. (Pssst. Chuck was born in 1934, not 1937.)

  12. I only belatedly came to know of your ministries thru receiving “The Eagle’s Story”…

    So Biblical and so heart-inspiring, a blessing to all I have shared it with.

    I am nearing my 81st birthday, have known my Triune God from the early age of childhood

    I praise Him for all His blessings and spiritual growth

  13. Me es de mucha bendicion esta enseñanza. La renovacion de la mente. Estan los 15 capitulos en pdf para descargarlos.? [This teaching has blessed me very much. The renewal of the mind. Is Chapter 15 in pdf to download?]

    • Hola Fernando; Gracias por su pregunta. Puede encontrar todos nuestros títulos en español en haciendo clic aquí. En el menú, haga clic en Books, luego Translations, luego Spanish.
      [Hello Fernando; thank you for your question. You can find all of our Spanish titles by clicking here. In the menu, click Books, then Translations, then Spanish.]

  14. I have learned so much listening to Chuck Missler, I now teach a Sunday school class, I got on line to see if he was speaking anywhere near me. The world needs more people like him and his late wife. I will continue to read and study. He will be missed dearly.

  15. I was searching the web when I first came across Dr . Missler name on the Blue Letter Bible site. From that day when ever I read the Bible I would then listen to Dr. Missler teach the passage at times I listen to his teaching for an entire day I wish I could have meet him in person. Looking forward to meeting him in heaven.He will be missed but I will continue to follow his teaching. Praying for his family and friends and may we follow the teaching of Jesus as he did.

  16. Their ministry is such a blessing. So grateful for the easy to understand deep teachings from Mr. Missler and Mrs. Missler. So grateful that they have left so much behind on various sites that will continue to be an instrument of drawing sheep to the fold worldwide. So sadden to hear of his passing yet joyful to know where they are together. Blessings on his family and continued ministry.

  17. I remembered the first time I listen to Chuck,it was over my head,specially when English was my second language.
    But I got so motivated by his teaching that I started to listening to him all the time with draws full of his teaching.
    Which I will treasure even more now.
    Also, Nancy I adored her she was the best teacher in the world and the best was, you could see,and feel the deep love she had for Jessu.
    I followed her all throughput her illness I cried when she died like she was my real sister.

  18. Chuck first caught my attention on God TV with Wendy Alec and her x-husband End -Times Prophecy program! They would call him and have him call them back after he moved to New Zealand. George Noorey had him on Coast to Coast AM, andvI saw him there, also Joe VanCovering in FL. In the last few years he has taught me so much, and I will always miss him. I owe him very much for what he has done for me! I have expressed it to him many times, and I hope the word reached him. My condolences to all of you and his family. May God bless, comfort and protect us all in the coming days! We are in exciting times, and we need to pray for President Trump and America. Thank you,
    Gola Lewis

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