Why That Name?

In the Old Testament book of Numbers, chapter 21, Moses tells us the story of the Israelites and their continuing journey to the “promised land.” God’s people had become very discouraged and downtrodden because the way had proven to be so difficult. When they finally made it to the border of Moab, they sent messengers to the king of the Amorites requesting, “Let us pass through The High Way.”

The Amorites, however, were not impressed. They not only said, “No, you cannot pass,” they amassed their army and proceeded to attack Israel. God, however, gave His people grace and they were able to defeat the enemy, possess the land and dwell in their cities and villages.

How appropriate this story is for us today. We are sojourners in a foreign land, just as Israel was. We, too, belong to another land, another king and another time for our fulfillment, just as Israel did. And yet God has made a way for us, like Israel, to pass through this foreign land. It’s called The King’s High Way and if we stay on His ‘narrow’ road, not looking to the right or the left, we, too, will be able to defeat our enemies, possess the land and, like Israel, dwell in its cities and villages.

The King’s High Way is a ministry dedicated to encouraging and teaching Christians how to “walk out” their faith. Our passion is to focus on the practical application of Biblical principles. Learning how to really love as Jesus loved; how to renew our minds so our lives can genuinely be transformed; and how to develop authentic, unshakable faith throughout our night seasons.

There are hundreds of Bible colleges, theological universities, and Christian schools teaching us Biblical “knowledge,” but too often we aren’t taught the practical application of these truths–how to be changed into Christ’s likeness. We have more “head knowledge” now than ever before because of the internet, TV, radio, audio, videos, etc.; and yet the body of Christ continues to weaken. We have more emotionally-destroyed Christians, more divorces, more severed relationships and more splintered churches now than at any time in history. In order to survive the coming perilous times, we need to get all our head knowledge down into our Christian walk. Our lives need to be examples of what we say!

Non-believers need to see a genuine Christ-likeness in us before they will want what we have.

The Kings High Way Ministries, Inc. was created to address this problem and to point the way to the King’s high way. Our goal, our vision and our purpose is to “cast up (raise up and make plain) the high way, gather out the stones, and lift up the standard of Christ.” (Isaiah 62:10)