Faith In The Night

Faith In The Night Seasons

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Faith in the Night Seasons   Have you said, “God where are you? Why are you letting this happen to me?” Have you ever experienced a time in your life where everything is turned upside down and you feel completely abandoned by God? This Bible Study will encourage you to hold onto your faith when night seasons happen.
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Faith in the Night Seasons Workbook

This Personal Application Workbook is designed as a companion to the textbook. You will be encouraged to take the Scriptures taught in the book and apply them in a way that will bring relief to the nagging doubts that God even cares about you or your situation. It is a great encouragement.







Faith in the Night Seasons DVD

Faith in the Night Seasons DVD Seminar.  Wouldn’t it be great to experience a seminar done by Nancy Missler? Now you can! With this DVD set you can have a great EIGHT HOURS with Nancy showing you the insights that she wrote about in her book.
If it seems that no matter how much you read your Bible, pray and seek God, He remains distant and silent, then you need to hear this teaching. It can help you make sense out of the unknown.
This series was recorded before a live audience over several weeks time.



Faith in the Night Seasons MP3 on Disk

SEMINAR AUDIO.  This audio version of Nancy’s seminar allows you to access the teaching while you’re on-the-go. No matter if you are hearing it for the first time or brushing up on an important section, it helps to be able to listen in any setting. The audio version is the soundtrack from the DVD, so you won’t miss a thing that Nancy says. (This is NOT a download; if you want a download, please see the “Downloads” section.)

MP3 on Disk
Set of 8 CDs







Faith in the Night Seasons Leader's Guide

LEADER’S GUIDE.  Whether you are an experienced Bible Study Leader or if this is your first time leading a group, this leader’s guide is designed to make it easy.

The guide includes all of the answers to the workbook study questions; an outline of each session; and a cd with all of the charts from the book.





Faith in the Night Seasons Leader's Package

LEADER’S DISCOUNTED PACKAGE.  This package is great for Bible Study Leaders. Includes the Book, Workbook, Answers to study questions, Leaders Guide, CD with charts and notes and eight hours of DVD teaching. Get it with a great discounted price!

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