Prayer Update

Dearest Intercessors,

“…and the greatest of these is LOVE.”

Oh how we as Christians need to keep that in our hearts and our minds in this hour in which we live.

As the world continues to unravel, how grateful we are that we live in the ark of safety, who is Christ, under the banner of his Agape. Thank you Father! Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit! Nevertheless, don’t you at times find as you watch news & read a newspaper or peruse the internet that your flesh gets the better of you as you watch the political antics, the evil plots & plans being fomented & carried out worldwide, the suffering of the innocents, the crushing of human compassion & decency? Yet, as we surrender our frustrations and griefs over to God, we can find peace in the remembrance that He is sovereign and an eternal plan is going forward to the fulfillment of His glory and praise! As we remind ourselves often, this world is NOT our home, we are pilgrims and sojourners.

Knowing that we have been loved from the foundation of the world, and have a heavenly home eternally with the Lover of our souls gives us the hope and encouragement we need to wait, watch and pray with holy expectation.

As we celebrate the Author of Love, Himself, may you be blessed richly and ever so sweetly in His arms of Love.

In Christ’s All-Sufficient, Eternal Love,

Kathryn Taylor and the King’s High Way Staff

January 2017

Dear Intercessors,

Joyous greetings in this New Year! We trust that as you enter into 2017, the grace and peace of Christ guards your hearts and minds. We also pray the hope we have of His calling up of His Bride would remain an encouragement to your hearts, as we see with our own eyes the amazing unfolding of prophetic events, leading us ever closer to that Glorious Day!!! So, while our hearts long for our future in glory with our Lord, our assignments while here on earth still can be carried out with joy, praise and perseverance, knowing that we are about His business and His Kingdom is being multiplied for His glory and praise!

As we observe the world today, and especially our own nation, we know that worship & praise is foundational to standing strong and steadfast in the times ahead. Remember it was the worshipers that were sent to march around the walls of Jericho first before the Lord did his amazing work. And I also think of Paul & Silas as they sat in a dank, dark prison singing praise & worship songs, & what God did as a result!

It will be a year ahead full of opportunities to praise, to worship & to trust our Lord, El Elyon, God Most High as his plan & his purpose for this year unfold. May we be found faithful in prayer & steadfast in our love for Him & for one another.

Blessings, peace & love be multiplied to you faithful intercessors!

Under His Banner of Love,
Kathryn Taylor & the King’s High Way Staff


December 2016

Dearest Intercessors,

Warmest, loving Christmas Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We pray as you anticipate the joys of the season, you are blessed with a fresh and pow
erfully real experience of the true meaning of the season, and feel the sweet embrace of our Prince of Peace in all that concerns you.

So often we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the preparations, extra activities of this special season and the commercialism of it all. So our prayer for you, dear ones, is that you will have a renewed awe of the wonder of that first night of the incarnation of the life of our Lord and Savior—that you will identify with the humble surroundings and the significance of the time and the place that Father chose to bring his Son into the world; that you would be newly awed by the selfless submission of the pre-incarnate Christ to the will of Father to become the Word made flesh who dwelt amongst us, died and rose again to purchase our freedom from the punishment of sin and give us everlasting life with Him in the glories of heaven.

We all know that the blood of Jesus was and always will be the highest ransom ever paid to set a captive free. What a gift!!!! What LOVE!!! What a Savior!!! May our own love for Him increase as we continue to work out (live out) our own salvation with fear and trembling.

As always, dear prayer partners, we want to take time in this final prayer letter of 2016 to thank God upon every remembrance of you! Your love and service to our Lord through your prayers is the sweetest gift we could ever receive of you. The sweet savor of your prayers encircle the Throne and are wonderfully pleasing to God. We in turn ask of Him to meet every need and cry of your own heart according to His perfect will and lovingkindness.

We pray this Christmas season is filled with much joy and blessing for you as we all set this time aside to celebrate Jesus in a special way. To Him be all glory!!! For He alone is worthy— now and forevermore!!

With deep gratitude and Christ’s love,
Kathryn Taylor and the King’s High Way Staff

November 2016

Dearest Intercessors,

The prayer letter is later getting to you this month because I deliberately wanted to wait until after the election to express our comments. And with the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, we thank our Father God for His EXTREME MERCY upon this Nation by not giving us over to a blatantly liberal left, antichristian, socialist agenda for another four years or possibly eight. We are grateful! We are thankful! And we realize that His mercy carries with it a greater commitment and responsibility to pray for our President-elect Mr. Trump and his family, Mr. Pence and his family, the new cabinet he will rely on fo
r wise counsel and the entire Congress. More than ever we need to be interceding for our Nation. More than ever we need to be interceding for the Body of Christ to be the Love of Christ to others while we still have opportunity.

We know President-elect Trump will face daunting challenges. He is not coming up against flesh and blood, as Scripture tells us, but against rulers, principalities and powers of darkness in the unseen realm. As a friend and defender of Israel, we believe that is the primary reason God placed him in the office of President.

Pastor James Robison, who has been instrumental in Trump’s evangelical influence, called Mr. Trump to congratulate him on his victory and this is part of what he said to Robison. “James, surround me with prayers! Surround me. And don’t let me ever forget it.”

Donald Trump has been raised up at this time of decline in our Nation’s history . May God continue working in his heart and make him into a man after God’s own heart who will lead this Nation in humble repentance and reliance upon Him once again.

Proverbs 29:2 declares “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” We have been groaning as a righteous people for many years now. We now have renewed hope for rejoicing. May our gracious God be glorified through His Body and this Nation once again!

In Christ’s Unfailing Love,
Kathryn Taylor and the King’s High Way Staff

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  1. Rebecca Mwendwa says:

    You have blessed my soul, you have encouraged me, you have shown me God is there and he can provide and meet my needs and my heart desires. I have been longing to know how to love God God has used you to teach me how to love him. Please pray for me to be financial stable, am on debts that I desire to clear so that I can serve God effective and with confident.

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