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Our Beloved Nancy Missler

NanNewMrs. Nancy Missler, age 77 of Franklin, Tennessee, formerly of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho went to be with the Lord November 11, 2015. Nancy has loved our Lord Jesus Christ for over 50 years. She asked Christ to come into her life in 1957 at Hollywood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. That same year, while attending UCLA, Nancy met and married Chuck, her husband of 58 years.

Nan has published 13 books including: The Way of Agape, Be Ye Transformed, Faith in the Night Seasons, The Kingdom, Power & Glory, and her latest, Hope Against Hope. Her materials have transformed lives and marriages around the world.

Nancy is the founder of The King’s High Way Ministries; an international ministry dedicated to encouraging and teaching Christians how to “walk out” their faith in God’s Love.

Preceeded into heaven by her son, Charles “Chip” Missler. Survived by: husband of 58 years, Charles “Chuck” Missler; son, Mark (& Lisette) Missler; daughters, Lisa (& Mark) Bright & Meshell Missler; brother, Martin (& Gail) Klitten and eight grandchildren.

Nan’s final resting place will be in Reporoa, New Zealand. Memorials may be made to

Nancy was the founder of The King’s High Way Ministries; an international ministry dedicated to encouraging and teaching Christians how to “walk out” their faith, in God’s Love. Throughout the last 25 years of her life, she authored over thirteen books, which were simply a chronology of her own walk with the Lord through marriage difficulties, bankruptcy, a 6.8 earthquake, the loss of her home, the sudden loss of her first-born son and physical challenges.

She was a beloved Bible teacher and author with a passion for helping Christians learn:

  • how to really love as Jesus loved;
  • how to renew their minds so their lives could genuinely be transformed;
  • how to develop an authentic and unshakable faith throughout the night seasons of life; and
  • how to have God’s hope when faced with overwhelming physical challenges.

She always focused on the practical application of Biblical principles.

In 2002, The King’s Place was opened in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, as an outreach that was birthed out of Nancy’s love for the Lord. Hundreds of people’s lives where transformed and changed when they walked into the home filled with “God’s Love.” It was a Christian networking center where fellow Believers could come together and receive Biblical teaching, discipleship, faith based counseling and prayer. John 13:14 described the mission and role of this ministry, “If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet.”

In 2014, The King’s High Way moved its location to Hayden, Idaho where it is today. Not only will the messages, the testimonies and teachings that Nan so faithfully walked in and wrote about go forward, but her legacy of Agape will live on and fulfill the promise God gave her in Psalm 118:17, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.”

“Be encouraged.  There is hope. God is a real and personal God. He is faithful and He loves us, even though at the moment we might not see it nor our circumstances show it. Be assured, God knows our every need and is working “all things together for our good.” He is a God who can be known and seen even in the darkest of times…That’s our hope! That’s the “anchor of our soul.” — Nancy Missler, 2015, “Hope Against Hope”


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The celebration of Nancy’s life and ministry (last Friday in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) was a rich time of both laughter and tears. You can see the video here.
During the service, Nancy’s daughter Michelle shared a portion of something a friend of Nancy and the ministry had written. We offer it here as a blessing to you, and a memorial to our beloved Nancy.

On December 19 a final service was held at River Lodge, New Zealand. The video of that service is available through K-House TV.

The first service held in Nancy’s honor was on November 19 at Grace Chapel in Tennessee. The video can be seen HERE.


How do I describe Nancy Clark Missler?Nan & Chuck at podium

The woman whose heart was captured by the King.
The disciple who showed me how to forgive.
The Christian who stored her treasure in heaven.
The wife whose tears watered a garden of grace.
The teacher who taught us all how to overcome.
The leader whose walk matched her talk.
The wanderer whose only home was Heaven.

When I met Nancy Clark Missler many years ago, I was deeply discouraged by my experience with organized Christianity. Though I hadn’t walked away from Jesus, I had decided to trust no one. I especially mistrusted Christian leaders, and whenever I attended a seminar or study, I would walk in late, sit in the back row and keep my head down. I still wanted Jesus, but I was no longer willing to open my heart to human beings. Too many disappointments. I was done.

I was also tired of hearing testimonies that claimed miraculous transformation through faith, because I no longer believed that emotional healing or spiritual freedom was even possible. I had adopted the philosophy: “Life is hard, then you die, then you go to heaven…and then it’s better.”

Until one day someone talked me into attending a “Way of Agape” study. I took my seat in the shadows and tried to ignore all the female chit-chat as I waited for the video to start. I remember the attractive woman on the tape had perfectly styled hair and I thought to myself: “Oh great…another talking head for Jesus.” What had I not heard?

But then this woman said her life was a mess even though she and her husband were Bible teachers. My ears perked up a little. She said they’d been on the verge of divorce even though they were leaders in the Church. I sat up a little straighter. This woman explained that, even after leading Bible studies in their home for 20 years, she and her husband had really no clue concerning Agape love. Okay, she had me. This woman was worth listening to. Someone was actually addressing the giant question mark within my mind. Someone actually had the courage to say, “You can believe and still be missing the heart of the Gospel by a million miles.”Nan & Chuck at podium

And that someone was Nancy Clark Missler, who would later became my friend as well as my teacher. Never put off by my questions or impatient with my brokenness, she listened. She shared. She stood with me…not above me. She didn’t give spiritual suggestions. She gave me her heart.

In truth, Nancy gave spiritual CPR to me when I could no longer breathe. And I was not her first patient, nor would I be her last. She was ever willing to give an answer for the hope that was in her, and this wisdom was offered with gentleness and respect. For in God’s unique plan, this bright soul was also a woman of sorrows, well-acquainted with grief, and she was not frightened by the pain of others. This lovely woman knew well the ugliness of the human heart, and her life work was to steer that heart back into communion with God.

She once said she was a direct descendant of William Clark, the man who (along with Meriwether Lewis) led the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804. I chuckled when she told me this, because that legacy fit her so well! Nancy Clark Missler was herself an adventurer, but her expedition had nothing to do with high mountains or raging rivers. No. Her life’s discovery was to prayerfully map the journey of the heart on its quest to find the Source of Life in Christ. Her task wasn’t to lead people West, but rather to lead people Home. Home to the purpose for which they were created; home to the perfect Love of God.

Nancy was an extremely diligent worker, and seemingly tireless in prayer, in study and in meditation upon His Word. She never stopped asking, seeking and knocking upon the door of the Lord. She wanted to learn, and whatever she learned, she faithfully shared with the rest of us through books, tapes and seminars.

Formal_Nan_Corrected_SMAnd there was something else about Nancy that earned my deepest admiration. She was not a respecter of persons. It didn’t matter whether she was in the presence of a waitress, a weirdo or a world-famous leader, she treated everyone with honor and respect. This was one of the things I loved most about her. Her kindness wasn’t stored up for the few, but was lavished upon the many. No man, woman, child or creature ever stood in her presence without knowing they were worthy of her time and attention.

I suppose I could go on and on, but I will stop here. Nancy would be the first to say that her human attributes are no longer important. She is now in the Presence of Love Himself, and her disciplines have been changed into delight. Her often painful journey has now been exchanged for joy, and her longing has been swallowed up by light. How glorious is the eternity which she entered just a few hours ago?

I can only imagine.

We thank you, Nancy, for blazing a trail so we could follow. Thank you for enduring as seeing Him Who is Unseen. Thank you for finishing the race with honor, and pointing us all towards the finish line. Thank you for loving us with your life, Nancy. We will see you soon and very soon, beloved friend. Until that day…

Written by Claudia Lovejoy


History: Nan’s Updates


Nancy Missler — 238 Comments

  1. Chuck Missler was a messenger that God had sent so that my eyes could be opened to more truth and to teach me that I was searching in the right direction, when others were not teaching the whole bible and telling the whole truth. It is so difficult today to find men and women who are teaching the Word of God, from His perspective to us so that we might understand the message that has been put before. I realize with all the help provided K-house that this is my study, of which God has provided for me. Along with all thinkers and practioners of the Word of God. My condolences to the Missler families and friends, and will continue to learn many things from this great man of God. Thanks K-house and I will continue to pray for the success of this establishment, in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

  2. In 2017 i am listening to her teaching for the first time, i googled her to know more about her and it is sad to learn that she left, yet exciting to know she served during her time. #much love. RSA

  3. I just posted one of Nancy’s links to my Facebook page, as it was such a blessing. I decided to come here to Nancy’s site, and found that she has gone home to her Savior and Lord. I too, had Nancy’s The Wya of Agape tapes which I heard years ago, when I used to live in Fountain Valley, CA. A dear friend of mine who attended Calvary Chapel, in Costa Mesa, had given me the tapes, along with Firefighter’s for Christ’ tapes too. May Nancy’s family and her dear husband Charles continue to be comforted in the Lord, knowing their beloved mother, wife, and friend has soared above this world on eagles wings.

  4. Today is January 2, 2017 and I felt the Holy Spirit lead me to this page and I can say I am humbled and honored by the Lord to let me see this. I feel like Nancy testimony of her Life living for Christ is the main pursuit we all should embody for such a time as this. I was feeling so down in my spiritual walk with Christ because I really want to pursue Gd with proper Help from God Himself 1st and then I see He has help me see Nancy as one of His faithful servants. She really left the legacy of the Lord for us all to proceed in what God has all called us too! I’m grateful because I will gain in spirit and truth by how God has used Nancy to leave a good work behind for us all to follow. Thank you for this ministry. God bless.

  5. I was shocked to hear of Nancy going to be with the Father. She was a fabulous teacher and mentor.
    May her teachings keep helping others even though God’s Beloved daughter is no longer with us.

  6. I love The Days of Agape, but have gotten Nancy’s emails the last few days. Do I need to re-subscribe.
    I loved Nancy and continue grieve your loss, but am jealous of her being in the presence of the Lord now

  7. My heart is full of Agape love at times that I couldn’t think it was possible, thanks to Nancy Misslers teaching of The Way of Agape!
    I was invited to someone’s home to hear her speak for several weeks.
    I have shared what I walked away with several times and encouraged several ladies to buy the CDs!
    My condolences to Mrs Misslers entire family and all who have been Blessed by her teaching and mighty love of the Lord!

  8. God is all wise and knows when we have had enough of this old. I hope that at the end of my life I say”I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. There a crown waiting for me which the lord the Righteous Judge shall give at that day and not to me only but all those that love His appearing. God bless you all.

  9. I am so grateful to God for both of you and how you have blessed my life so richly through you obedience and diligence with the Word.
    I know I will see you both soon, by the blood and love of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you both for everything you gave and continue to give over the years.

  10. My heart weeps for our loss and yet rejoices for heaven’s gain! I have been transformed in so many ways by Nancy’s teachings and writings. Her love for her Savior and His Word has been an inspiration to me and still is as her books are some of the few I frequently re-read and from which I gather information when putting talks and teachings together myself.

    Just recently at an event to encourage women in ministry, I shared Nancy’s story about how she learned to pour out her emotions to the Lord for healing and help when in arguments with her husband. She mentioned that the first time she excused herself from an argument to “go be with Jesus” Chuck was upset because he wanted to finish the argument. But when she came back from her time with Jesus she was filled with peace and able to love Chuck with Jesus’ love. Ever since, Chuck was happy to let her spend time with Jesus as he saw the difference it made. So I know her act of obedience to love as Jesus’ love and allow Jesus’ love to pour through to others will continue to make a difference in lives and relationships everywhere.

    Thank you Nancy for your ministry. You will be missed, but the work Jesus has done through you will continue to minister to many.

    Much Love and God’s Comfort and Blessing to the family!


  11. Ah, Dear Saints at Kings Highway Ministries, our hearts are broken for all of you and the Missler family. We are, at the same time, so envious of Nancy. To be with Christ; the ultimate.Truly, she made The Word come to life, brought us along with her in her knowledge of who God is, what is ahead in His Kingdom, love and promise for each of us and excitement to lead others into relationship with Him. What a glorious work she accomplished here, with the able and willing assistance of all of you.I enjoyed Tim sharing that one would go to Nancy to get answers in plain speak. I do study Chuck’s lessons and take them very slowly to digest the brilliance God has blessed Chuck with, in knowledge of the deep things of scripture. Nancy, in all of her studies speaks to my heart. Steve and I grew immensley through The Way of Agape. To Him goes all the praise and glory. Onward and upward with sincere thanks to God,for Nancy, and Chuck and all of you tireless workers in the faith.

    love, Karen and Steve

  12. my deepest condolence to the family, we have indeed lost a mighty woman of God. May the almighty God keep you in His bossom. Many daughters have done well but you exceed them all. Rest in perfect peace

  13. We were so sad to hear about Nancy. What a grand lady she was. We were blessed to have met Nancy at KH and at the King’s Highway. We moved to Calif. several years ago but I can still remember Nancy’s laugh as she told stories on herself. I am reading The Way of Agape now and can hear her talking about the things she lived and believes. What a powerful example she is to us all. She is missed already!

  14. We have recently began listening to Nancy’s teaching on Agape Love. We weep, we cry, we agape the family so much w/o measure.

    Such a great contribution to the whole world, There is no comparison to the extent of the word of God
    taught by Chuck and Nancy. Such precision, such perfection to the Glory of God. They have filled the
    earth with the great commission of the Gospel and their true Love.

    We groan….we sigh….we have a hole in our hearts, but we thank God and rejoice that Nancy is now
    among the great cloud of witnesses. AMEN

    Stephen Paul and Donna Joy Anselmo

  15. I never met Nancy personally but enjoyed Chuck’s KI Ministry and received my bronze medallion. One of the classes I took was Nancy’s Way of Agape course. I could tell how she just radiated love to everyone she came in contact with. I send my sympathy to Chuck and all of his family. Thank you for the ministry, everyone was so kind to me. At the time, I was starting to write a book and they were so encouraging. I am happy to report it was published last Sept. 2015. I feel like Nancy could have been an old friend and look forward to meeting her in heaven one day soon.
    Megan Vance

  16. I did not have the pleasure of meeting Nancy Missler but all the comments and the beautiful message written by Claudia Lovejoy is an amazing telling of the person Nancy was while here on earth; a role model for all of us I think. I’m sure her husband, Dr Chuck Missler, her family, many friends and co-workers will miss her. But she is waiting and cheering for all as she is in the presence of the King of Kings! I pray that God will continue to bless Nancy’s written work and bible studies; I know others will continue to benefit from her work that expressed Heavenly truths and what was in her heart.

  17. I was struggling with depression when I picked up Nancy’s book faith in the night season. I finally found someone who understood the dark night of the soul. Her book became a faithful companion that helped me in miraculous ways. Still to this day I often refer to it for hope and wisdom. She truly understood the fellowship of His sufferings.” Well done thy good and faithful servant” I am so thankful that she had the courage to speak truth in love.

  18. Cannot speak more sincerely how Nancy ministered to my oldest son and I on our KI tour of Israel and Petra back several years ago. Because of some physical limitations I often held back as the rest of the group scurried about. Nancy also would hang back and we spent a great deal of time discussing vision, calling and deeply held convictions about the state of our culture, particularly our youth. MY wife Clair and visited several times at King’s Highway and Nancy was always to great us as if we were old friends. She often referred to Clair as “Cutie” and made my bride feel as welcomed and valued as Nancy had done me and my son Young while in Israel.

    Having suffered great pain myself, I can’t but envy her now as she stands in the presence of Almighty God, completely restored and finally completed in mind body and spirit. How wonderful it was for her when she stepped into His presence and heard Him say “well done good and faithful servant!”…… I long to follow in her footsteps. May we finish the race stronger than when we first began!

    The Bennett’s miss you Nancy!

    Doug, Clair and Young

  19. Please accept our deepest condolences on the passing of Nancy. Although we didn’t know her, her theory on the design of the human mind, and it’s individual rooms, like the rooms of the tabernacle, has transformed our lives.
    It is with great sadness and joy that we hear of Nancy, but we know she is going to be in heaven, and we look forward to seeing her there!

  20. My heart goes out to the entire family of Nancy Missler and I was so blessed to know Nancy from her book the Way of Agape. Even though i have a been a christian majority of my entire adult life (60 year old) This book was handed to me in 2000 which totally revolutionized my life.

    I had never had an understanding of Agape but once I studied the scriptures in the book, people would always remarked how they would see the light of God on me. You know when you are studying Agape you are studying God cause He is love. The more you study the more you become so much so that I met and married a wonderful Man of God at 50 years old. I now preach this AGAPE to singles all over. praise the Lord for Nancy obedience and I thank the Lord for sending precious Nancy for my totally Transformed life.

  21. Thomas and I would like to extend our hearts sentiments for this temporary time sequenced absence of Nancy. Our BLESSED hope extends to us our greater reality! We thank you so much for your ministry CHUCk! In 2006 you BAPTIZED me in the Jordon River. I am the micro-minnie lady in the wheelchair. May the comfort you have shared through the years now return to you in abundance! Consider reading my book, published in November, as many targeted gems of thought come from your ministries!

    “Twisted Physician’s Assistant in Spaceship Earth,” by Jobah

    Semper Fidelis,
    Christinah Curtis
    P.O.Box 248
    Chloride, Az. 86431
    Revelation 12:l1

  22. Our hearts and prayers are with Chuck and family at this time. I learned of Chuck and Nancy’s Ministry Koinania House many years ago when I was living in Spokane, WA. We drove every Thursday night to the bible study that Chuck taught in Post Falls Idaho. Both he and Nancy touched my life with their love of God’s word. Nancy’s book Be Ye Transformed changed my understanding and my life in ways I could never have imagined. She was a wonderful sweet and gifted woman. I know that she is free of the cares of this world and that we will all see her when we too leave this temporary home. Love in Jesus to Chuck and family.

  23. I met Nancy and Chuck as a new widow, on our Israel trip in Oct ’07. What a beautiful daughter of God, lovely inside and out. My heartfelt sympathy to Chuck and family while we wait for our wonderful reunion with Christ. Be encouraged and comforted as only our Lord can do while you wait.

  24. I did not know Mrs. Missler personally, and read only a few of her articles. But I have the greatest respect for her husband, Chuck Mussler, whose interpretation of certain spiritual meaning has greatly inspired me. Nevertheless, I feel closely connected through the Holy Spirit with these two workers of God. It is a wonderful gift that they discovered the passage of so many years together. All I know with any certainty is that we are eternally connected through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Saved by the same grace; inspired by the same witness; resurrected in the same hope. I wish to share here a poem given to me this year of the Lord, written a few days after Nancy’s passing. I dedicate this reflection to a dynamic soul and a spirit tempered in love according to that calling only we as Christians can know.

    Time to Remember

    In time heaven and earth begin
    In time all worlds come to end
    In time lasting trees wither away
    In time darkest night changes to day
    In time those sick shall rise whole
    In time all we as children shall know
    In time winter changes into spring
    In time those who weep to heaven sing
    In time even those heavy tears will dry
    In time all living into twilight shadows fly
    In time war and death prevail
    In time even great Babylon fell
    In time grand kingdoms tarnish to dust
    In time a glimmer reflected beyond burning lust
    In time flame of Menorah lasted eight days
    In time the spirit of God through mysterious ways
    In time the Christ in Bethlehem born
    In time Jerusalem her blessed child to morn
    In time mortal faith by evil winds shaken
    In time stronger angels in us awaken
    In time shining through a burial shroud
    In time Messiah risen on golden cloud

    L. A. Espriux

  25. I met Nan many years ago in Big Bear Lake, California. I had been listening to Chucks tapes for quite some time. She showed up in the store I was working at there. Looking at her check I told her I had been listening to Bible studies given by a man named Chuck Missler. She told me happily that that would be her husband. They had just moved to Big Bear from Orange County. Though we didn`t spend a lot of time together.. what we had was quality thru several years, conversations about our LORD JESUS.. and our families. When she moved to Idaho we didn`t see each other again, but occasionally kept in touch.. The love of two sisters in JESUS is always in tact.. I love Nan. She took a piece of my heart with her. I am not sure I have met anyone who loved our LORD as much as she did. She taught me and many others so very much just by being.. Chuck, Lisa, Mark.. and My Michelle.. my prayers are with you.. and our love.. We will see her soon..

  26. My husband and I would like to extend our heart felt condolences for this temporary absence of your beloved. What hope we have that our loved ones are not lost to us, only a temporary veil of separation. We thank you so much for your ministry and the blessing and comfort it has been. May the comfort you have shared through the years now return to you in abundance. Blessings! Paul and Brenda Paradis

  27. Mrs Nancy Missler and Dr Chuck Missler are very dear to my heart. Nancy showing the way to love my wife with Agage, as well as others. I smile with they speak of one another in seminars. I picture Dr Misslers drive home with her favorite ice cream cone melting in his hand for the woman he loves.
    Respectfully Chuck and Nancy have been like grand parents to me and my heart is heavy for Chuck. I cant find the words, only in tears and prayers, am I able to express the love I have for Nancy and Chuck.
    To their children and grandchildren and many loved ones , We love you all.
    Respectfully, Michael and Melissa Hadfield

  28. I am so pleased our Nancy is with the Lord and i cannot wait to see her again. I met Nancy in 2002 in Portsmouth England. Nancy spent her whole lunch time with me talking and praying.Her ministry has helped myself and many close family and friends. The whole giving over of our fears etc and leaving all to the Lord has been the most critical and helpful teaching i have ever received thankyou.
    My own father was diagnosed this August with throat and tongue cancer so i know what a difficult time the whole family has had. All our love to the family from here on the West coast of Ireland.

  29. Precious sister Nancy is experiencing the eternal life with Jesus which all of us as Christ followers long for, having
    Christmas everyday with the King of kings, reunited with son Chip and all believers in Him who have gone on before us.
    I am weeping though with you, Chuck, Mark, Lisa, Meshelle, Martin, precious grandchildren, and all who miss her on this
    earth, praying for Holy Spirit Comforter to pour in His oil and soothe and heal our hearts. Her legacy lives on forever.

    I never met Nancy in person, but watching her in the video series of The Way of Agape, I feel like I met her and Chuck in person, and will recognize her in Heaven! At age nearly 74 I have taken and taught many Bible studies, but the Way of Agape changed my
    whole understanding of God’s love, and walking as believers. I have given the book to many people who love it, and I plan
    to live in it, with the survival kit and charts of the two temples, the rest of my life. I look forward to reading Hope Against Hope,
    and now raise my prayers to the Heavenly Father, thanking Him over and over for Nancy’s life and for each one of you. Prayers
    and Agape love, from Orange Beach, AL. Sharon

  30. Bueno estoy acongojado, por la partida de una persona que habla del amor como lo hizo, la verdad recien estoy leendo el libro camino agape, queria yo consultar algo que estoy viviendo, no se que hacer, pero tengo la fe que el Señor me guiara por medio de sus realatos.

  31. Hi, I am a new listener to Mr. missler, and am not familiar with Mrs. Missler, but in hear the way she was spoken of, saddened my heart to read of her passing. The love expressed toward her gives me footsteps to follow in my own marriage. Thank you for sharing her gift and talent with the world and my deepest, heart felt condolences to you and your family! May the peace of God continue to be abundant in your family.

  32. So beautiful is this letter! I know where you walked, because I am there. I never met Nancy missler, yet watching video, I connected with her instantly. Great is our loss of a person such as Nancy. But, great is her gain!

  33. Dear Chuck and family. While my time at KHouse involved being closer to you, Chuck, I also had the opportunity to know and observe Nancy. She blessed me so much and we had many good times of laughter and sharing together. What impressed me at that time (2000-2005) was her transparency and willingness to talk about her challenges and struggles. Her books changed my life; even while I was working to get them in print. She was totally detail oriented and made certain that every sentence said what she wanted to convey. Sometimes it’s the backward view that reveals someone’s input in your life and so it was with Nancy. From a distance I see her impact on my life and I am eternally grateful. For you, Chuck, you are still a precious friend and we will continue to hold you in prayer. Love to you, Garth and Carol Gill

  34. I first came across Nancy’s writings in 1998 and was also a patient who received her Spiritual CPR.

    At this time my wife had recently left me and I had primary custody of my 6 year old son and 12 year old daughter.

    I was exhausted spiritually, emotionaly and physically with tears as a frequent companion.

    I was surfing the web one night not looking for “Kings Highway” but thank God He led me to it.

    That night I came across an online version of “Why must I be for me to Change “and read the whole thing in one sitting. I was like a man who had been walking in a desert for days and came across an oasis.

    The content of that little book was a life preserver keeping me from going under. Of course it wasn’t the book per se, but the Savior Nancy pointed me to through it.

    Eventually, I also read “The way of Agape” receiving additional help on how to love my wife who at the time was behaving like an enemy.

    As a result of being so blessed I sent an email to the ministry and how surprised I was to later or see receive a hand written letter from Nancy. A few months later my mother, who was playing an even bigger role in my life helping with the kids, etc., died unexpectedly.

    Again, I let the ministry and Nancy know of my grief and the hope I continued to receive from her ministry at this difficult time and again received another letter from Nancy.

    I can’t say how blessed I was to have known her only as a “pen pal” yet still have felt so close to her. That she could take the time to write a broken man from across country meant so much to me.

    I must admit that as I write this I do so with some sense of regret that I had let our contact stop and that I did not write something like this to her when she was still with us here on earth.

    So I guess in a sense when I get to heaven I will be something like the prodigal son who attempts to make an apology and she will run towards me with a big hug I’m sure.

    God Bless you all and your continued work for the King.

  35. Dear Chuck, staff, and the wonderful volunteers.

    We have known and loved Nancy for 20 years now, and have such good memories of sweet smile and godly teaching. We will see her again (as Susie Spurgeon said) on the other side of Jesus.

    Our most heartfelt sympathy to Chuck, I cannot comprehend the magnitude of your loss.

    We love you,
    Frank & Karen Rabinovitch
    (we are students in Minneapolis at Bethlehem College and Seminary. Hope to finish in 2019 or 2020, and then serve on the mission field)

  36. This comment is for Claudia Lovejoy.

    your words about Nancy were not only spot on but but your heart when you first met her is how Ive felt this last couple of years. I met Nancy when I was in a good place, in my life, but the last couple years of my life everything got bad, especially the last year. I’m fighting back from a place that I lost all hope not only for myself but also in ALL of humanity.
    Your brief life story speaks truth of where I’m battling to come out from. I started reading Nancy’s last book “Hope Against Hope” I’m believing that my Savior will finally walk me out of my “Valley of Baca”
    Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging words Claudia
    Suzie Treanor

    • Take heart, Suzie, for this season will come to an end, and another will take its place. But you will be so much richer for the suffering you have endured. This is the secret few people want to admit…that godly sorrow eventually leads to a greater spiritual life. Nancy knew this secret well, and for that reason, I could trust the words she spoke. Thank you so much for your kind letter, and please know you are not alone. All that can be shaken will be shaken, dear Suzie, so that what cannot be shaken will remain. I know this for a fact. Many blessings to you from North Idaho…

  37. So sad to hear that Nancy Missler has died. Her books Agape and her dark night days as detailed in “Faith in the night seasons” helped me through my dark nights after David died. She endured much including financial losses but she wrote that it is not how much you have to endure but how much you loved that you would be judged, She chose to smile through her storms whilst holding tightly to Abba’s hand.She loved Scripture. One thing that stayed in my mind and I aspire to is that God will refine me so that nothing would be able to move me from the peace and joy of His Presence-from oneness of Spirit. From her words let me quote” He sanctifies our spirit and soul so that He might reproduce Himself in us and we might begin to experience His presence and His fulness no matter where we are and no matter what is going on in our lives” Thank You Nancy. Rest in His Loving arms! You good and faithful servant. Love you.

  38. Dear Chuck,
    My sympathy and prayers to you and your family. I was so sad to see the news. I have learned so much from you and Nancy’s teachings, and I am very grateful for your ministries.
    Please take care.

  39. Saddened by the news of Nan’s passing.Deepest respects to you Chuck and your family. A great women of faith and loving wife standing with you in life. Long time listener and fan of your ministry Chuck. God bless.

  40. My prayers go out to Nancy’s family and all who were touched by her life and ministry. We will miss her but she will always be in our hearts. Praise the Lord Jesus for His strength, love and wisdom to continue to press on until we see Him face to face as she has.
    God Bless! Sandy from West Covina, California

  41. Dear Pastor Chuck & Family,
    I’m so sorry to hear that Mrs. Missler will no longer be with us here on earth, but so thrilled to know she will be meeting her King in Heaven… I’d like to pass on my condolences and prayers to all who knew, loved and will miss her. God Bless you all and thank you for bringing so many people to the Lord.

    With Love & Respect,
    Rich Cassarino

  42. I just read the news. Nancy was such a blessing and she will be sorely missed. My prayers go to you Chuck and your family and join you in celebrating her life and the legacy she has left behind as she moves on to the next phase in her ministry. It was through the efforts of Chuck, Nancy, and the staff at KHouse that I really learned to understand the scriptures and I will forever be indebted for that.

  43. Thank you for sharing, with all of the world, your beloved Nancy Missler. I cherish her teachings’ impacts throughout my life walk with Jesus Christ. This year in April my beloved, aged mom entered eternity, God’s care overtly evident every moment in her earthly life, to her finishing well. God be praised for He is faithful to His Servants. May Our Lord bless you, Chuck Missler, and fill your soul with His exquisite Assurance and Comfort toward His Great Day.

  44. I am so sorry to hear of your loss Mr Missler. I lost my son this past January. I know that the promises of Jesus are what will keep us going and assures us that someday we will be with our dear loved ones once again. YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS. GOD bless you always.

  45. Chuck ,you and your wife are amazing teachers.I am sorry to hear about her passing. May god continue to bless and keep you, and give you peace and people in your grief and loneliness.
    your sincerely JANINE

  46. Dear Missler Family, I met Nancy once about 18 years ago, she came to our “Way of Agape” Bible study in Post Falls, to personally just show up and encourage us. I remember I was going through a divorce at the time and my son was 18 months old, but I was doing the Bible study to try and find a way to save my marriage but I had only been a Christian for a few months. She sat with me and prayed with me and was so very ENCOURAGING to me! She even followed up with cards in the mail of encouragement, she was wonderful! I could see the love of Christ in her even though I met her only briefly. We have truly lost a wonderful saint but thankfully she is in the arms of her Savior who I am sure is saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Our prayers are with your family. Kim

  47. Nancy was a very special woman of God and will be dearly missed. I never knew her personally, but I feel I know her a little from her teachings and stories.
    I have done “The Way of Agape” five times with different groups. Not only has it changed me, but it also has had a huge impact in the women in our studies. Her stories of unconditional love really help us understand how different this looks from the human loves we are used to.
    Nancy and Chuck- you have no idea how much you have influenced my faith life. I have been through most of the Bible with Chuck’s teachings. My husband used to give me Chuck’s bucks for Christmas- I even gave one to Chuck the one time I saw him live!
    Know that what you both have planted is changing lives in remarkable ways. You gave me a hunger for Scripture that is incredible, and a desire to help others find their path to God.
    I am sad that Nancy has passed- I feel like I lost a good friend. I look forward to meeting her some day at the big reunion in heaven!
    Thank you both for laying down your lives for all of us. May God comfort you all as only He can as you go through these difficult days!
    Ann Janicki

  48. I know this is a little long but I feel compelled to write it all down as a tribute to a special woman of God.

    I don’t remember when I first spoke with Nancy exactly, at 20 years old I had moved to California in 1977 to move into the House of Psalms, which was a Calvary Chapel based House ministry under Steve Mays. After living there about 3-4 months I moved out and was going to Calvary Chapel where I started going to a Monday night Bible Study given by Chuck Missler.

    I loved Chuck’s teaching style and used to talk to him after the studies. After moving back to St. Louis in 1979 I had gotten married and helped start the first Calvary Chapel in St. Louis. I called Chuck a number of times when he was working for Western Digital trying to arrange a time for him to come and visit St. Louis for a weekend to teach, etc. We never were able to work it out for him to come, but in the process I got Chuck’s home phone number and ended up talking to Nancy on the phone a few times, she was always so nice and always interested in what was going on with me.

    During that time I had a daughter, and after 6 months of fatherhood my wife left to pursue a life devoid of motherhood. So, I was a single father but did not get divorced at that time. I loved my daughter and she was the center of my life. Anyway, after 6 months of not seeing or hearing from my wife, she called one day and asked to see our daughter for the weekend unaccompanied and unwisely I just said OK. When she didn’t have my daughter back by Sunday at the agreed time, I went to her apartment to find out that she had moved out of state with my daughter.

    So I was distraught beyond belief and ended up talking to Nancy where she ministered to me in many phone calls. She always had time for me even though we had never actually met.

    During that process, in the absence of my daughter and not knowing if I would ever see her again, the Lord did an amazing work of healing in my life that I actually was not interested in at first, but the Lord changed my heart in an incredible way.

    When I related the story to Nancy of how the Lord worked, she asked if she could use my story for a book she was writing. I was very happy to agree heartily blessed to think it could minister to someone. So I became Bill in her book which she sent me a copy of.

    She always used to send me Thanksgiving Day cards which always had a drawing by their son Chip on the front.

    I will always be indebted to her for her kindness, love and patience.

  49. Dear Chuck and family,

    We were saddened to hear the passing of Nancy. Heaven will gain an outstanding citizen. You are in our prayers.

  50. I do not keep up with social media so I was unaware your wife was ill until I saw a Youtube video. I was shocked and deeply saddened when I discovered what was going on. Of course, my heartfelt condolences go out to you Pastor Missler and your family. I’m thinking that it is a reminder that it is not what we have done here on this earth, but what we leave behind that is important. Nan has touched so many of us and she has left us with a wealth of knowledge to study and learn from. You know she’s quite a gal when folks from around the globe mourn her loss. She will be greatly missed!

  51. Our Sincere Condolences To The Missler Family On Your Loss. One Of Many Promises That Our Lord & Savior “JESUS CHRIST” Has Proclaimed Is That Everyone Will See Their Loved Ones Again. We Look Forward To That Great Heavenly Reunion With Our Lord And Our Families. 1Thessalonians 4:13-18. We Love You And We Extend To All The Missler Family, GOD’S Blessings. As We Are Privileged To Do For GOD’S Kingdom. To GOD Be The Glory. Ref: Dr. Nick S. & Felice A. Campos – San Antonio, Texas – Amen Prison Ministries, Inc.

    • My sincere condolences to the entire Missler family. Dr Missler, your ministry has been a great influence in my life and ministry. I pray Gods strength to you and your family in the passing of your wife. I can only imagine the blessing of knowing her personally. My prayers are with you.

      Ravon Ravenell
      The Presence Church
      Lagrange NC

  52. My heart goes out to the Missler family and your are remembered in thought and prayer. Nancy is such a great inspiration. Her teachings on Agape have been an instrumental in my life.

  53. I never had the privilege of meeting Nan, but one glorious day, I will!

    My thoughts and prayers to Chuck (& his family). Thank you both.

  54. I thank God for his word and your service Nancy. My heart goes out to Chuck and family for your loss.I have been a student of Chucks for 20 plus years changing my life and my understanding of God’s word. Blessings and love in Christ to you all.Colleen

  55. To the Missler Family,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I had the privilege of sitting through many of Nancy’s teachings back in Big Bear. First hand teaching that was so uplifting, opening the way to understanding. God Bless you all for your ministry. Being in Big Bear all those years ago and learning from you both was refreshing and exciting. I have listened to many of both of your teachings and read many of your books. Sad for your loss but joyful in her return to our Lord.

  56. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). I know many if not all of you consider my church/faith to be devilish at worst or misinformed at best. Be that as it may, I have listened to Chuck Missler’s recordings for years and have benefited a great deal from his insights. I have also read Nancy Missler’s work on “The Way of Agape”. I enjoy the rigorous scholarship and the depth of heart with which both have shared their love and hope in Christ.

    I want to offer my sincere condolences to the Missler family and all of you at this time. I know that you have a glorious hope in Christ to be reunited with her again. I am comforted in the glorious apostle Peter’s words where he wrote, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1 Pet. 1:3). Also, from our own scriptures of the restoration, “What is it that ye shall hope for? Behold I say unto you that ye shall have hope through the atonement of Christ and the power of his resurrection, to be raised unto life eternal, and this because of your faith in him according to the promise” (Moroni 7:41). May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you. May you be “encircled about eternally in the arms of his love” (2 Nephi 1:15) for your selfless and sincere service.

  57. From Canada, where for many years, our Bible Study group was enriched by Chuck’s tape-recorded lessons, followed by a personal appreciation of Nancy’s and Chuck’s insights, through “Update” and other e-mailed writings, saved in my “K-House” in-box.

    To lose one’s spouse is a personal tragedy, whose only remedy is the Lord.

    I pray His comforting Presence for Chuck and all the family.

    Mary C Korda, Toronto

  58. I can only express that see will be highly missed but I know that see is in a better place than us all because to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. My prayer is that we all who know her will be where she is now with our Lord and Savior Jesus. Her books and teaching along with Chuck’s have given me great inspiration to seek to have a closer walk with our Father God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. May God always keep us all in His will for the love of each other and for the love of God.

  59. Dear Pastor Chuck and Family,
    My wife Susan and I want to send our Deepest Sympathy to The Missler Family!
    We are so bless by your Ministry Pastor Chuck and your Lovely Wife Nancy!
    We Pray that the Lord will Comfort The Missler Family around this time and we are so Happy to know That Your Precious Wife Nancy is in Heaven with all your Love ones who went ahead!
    My Wife and I will keep The Missler Family in Our Prayers!
    God Bless You Pastor Chuck Missler and your Wonderful Family!
    Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Alan Gillingham
    Charlotte, North Carolina

  60. Dear chuck and family

    You and Nancy’s and family made me feel welcome on my first journey to ISRAEL 2009.
    I was sadden when I heard that Nancy was ill and unable to continue with group studies .
    All of us missed you both
    Our prayers are with you chuck and family

  61. Dear Chuck Missler and family,

    I’m very sorry for the loss your beloved Nancy. She was and is beloved by millions as well as yourselves. She wrote the book ‘way of agape’, well now she is completely immersed in that agape. And just think about the ocaturion body to aspire to that she’s got now. She can now she Jesus as he is, and be like him where he is.

    All the best, I appreciate everything you both have done for God, God’s not finished with any of us yet. You both have inspired so many and empowered us with your studies of God’s word and his love.

    I hope this is encouraging,
    All the best,
    John Nilsson.

  62. Your teaching about washing your spouses feet when you really felt like hitting him, was the most inspiring lesson you gave that changed my perspective and my life. I’ll always remember you with gratitude for your faithfulness to our Lord! Thank you, Nancy! Your contribution will be remembered.

  63. Just finished viewing funeral service via live streaming… So thankful this was make available to all of us… What a servant Nan was… I came to be involved in her life over 2 years ago when I was on Dr. Missler’s website and they were requesting prayer for Nan… who was suffering with cancer.. I was deeply touched in my heart and started praying for her to be healed.. I continued until her death… The LORD always knows best but I so wanted her to live and continue to minister to all of us… What an awesome path she trod… I will forever keep her in my thoughts and try to have the same commitment to our soon coming King.. Dr. Missler is frail. I will now focus on prayer for him and the rest of Nan’s family. Thank you so very much. Rich blessings to the Missler family…

  64. Epic is a newly formed ministry dedicated to winning the youth of this generation through a new style of of intense preaching. Without hesitation I can trace the origins of this ministry to the inspirational sermons and lectures of both Chuck and Nancy Missler. 15 years ago when I was just a janitor I saw some tapes left out on a desk. I borrowed one of the tapes and played side A. Before I turned the tape over my world was turned completely upside down with the information I heard. I proceeded then to listen to everything K-house put out. Being a pastors kid I was familiar with the stories of the Bible but I had never heard the information Chuck and Nancy were speaking about in all my years at church. I have been a serious student of the Bible ever since. Many souls have been saved and lives touched, perhaps most of all mine. Ever since then you have been my spiritual parents. I have been your Timothy and you have been my Paul. Even though we have never met the loss hit me like the loss of my own mother. If her children will rise up and call her blessed, how much more blessed are you when the children you never met also rise up and call you blessed. I bless Nancy in the name of our Lord Jesus as one of her unknown adopted children in the Lord and I know I am not alone. May her rewards in the kingdom be great. And bless all the ministries who will continue to carry her wisdom into the next generation. In the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior I pray. Amen

  65. Dear Missler family,

    Chuck and Nancy have been an inspiration in the lives of my friends, family and I. We have your family and friends at this time in thought and prayers.

    From: Nairobi, Kenya

  66. You have definitely touch lives, I and my friends here in Nigeria have been touched by Chuck and Nancy Missler. I recently introduced a friend to chuck last week just today he sent me a message that he has been blessed by chuck missler and mentioned about Nancy.
    Our hearts goes out to Chuck and all the Missler family at this time. God bless

  67. Dear Chuck and family.

    I have benefited greatly over the years from your 66/40 program.

    Thankyou and sorry for what Nancy had to go through with her illness.

    Kind regards and blessings.


  68. Dear Chuck and the Missler family.
    Having listened to you for many years now on your radio program 66/40, and being familiar with a selection of your DVD’s, I can only imagine how you must be feeling at this time. Given the seed comments of glowing praise scattered throughout your presentations about Nancy, she is a prime example of a Proverbs 31. Although I didn’t know her, I wish I could have. As it surely has been a lasting blessing in the lives of those who did.
    May God bless you and comfort you during this time Chuck and family, by the ever present power of His Holy Spirit, and in the name of our Blessed Lord and Saviour. Our one and only Kinsman Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
    Your brother in Christ

  69. Dr Missler my soul love you and Nancy dearly, you are very precious for me. I have been so blessed through your ministry. My prayers and thoughts is with you and your family on This very difficult time and always will be. Jesus be your comfort. Maria sena verciano – from Brasil

  70. Words can not begin to fathom life’s depths. Countless of us share in our thanks, to our Creator/Redeemer/True-Lover-of–our-very-being, for His leading us to come to know of, learn from, and feel like we “know” the Misslers. I am one, among the countless. My heart, in seeking Him, is so blessed, through the Misslers. I can’t even speak it. So yes, thank you, Nan and Chuck, in ways that only the Spirit can utter! My own heart longs for, and knows, assuredly, that the ultimate fulfillment of those thanks will be manifest in total, complete Praise to the Lord Jesus! All our works, lead toward, intended toward, culminated toward, His Glory! Nan’s work, doing that very thing, was and is the purpose of her life! Lord, make that, LEAD US TOWARD, that being the very intent and purpose of ALL our lives! We need you, in the chaos of this world and sin, to direct our hearts, minds, and spirits, toward Your will for us! Thank You that you DO that! Bless the Missler’s hearts, Lord, with peace. Deep, true peace! I know that they “know that”. Make it real, even now, as never before. Thank You, Lord, for the Glory we share, in You! Together, One Body, Your Body, for the True Eternity that is beyond time and space! We, together, in You.. for You Are!

  71. Dear Chuck and family my condolences on your loss of your wife for many years fortunately for us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior we will get to see our loved ones when we get to heaven hi I hope in these days that the Holy Spirit will comfort you and your
    family on your loss yours in Jesus Christ David

  72. Dear Missler Family,
    You all have blessed me so richly with your messages and study of God’s wonderful and live giving word. You have increased my hunger for it, and for it’s truth! Thank you all for what you do for God’s Kingdom. Rejoicing that she’s with her Lord and Savior, and also praying for your comfort. The pain of the loss is still real. May God’s loving arms be wrapped around you!
    Deneece Miller

  73. Dear Missler family, my prayers are with you. May His grace be multiplied abundantly toward you all. Thank you for serving the Lord in all times, your strength and determination are an exemple to follow after. MH Moulin, France

  74. To Pastor Chuck & Family,

    I heard Nancy speak during one of her visits to Australia. I purchased her books, her words. impressed me, they were Jesus words. May Gods peace pervade your at this time.

    Sincerely, Laureen Lusby.

  75. Although I never had the privilege to meet you, and I haven’t even read any of your books, I feel a loss because you have gone to live with Jesus. We will miss your guidance and your encouragement. Thank you for all you have done to help your fellow mankind, and how your life will continue to encourage many people in the future. My prayers are for your family. You wont need our prayers now, since you have made it “home”. Those you have left behind are the ones I will pray for now.

    Your sister in Christ,
    Marian Beilharz

  76. Dear Missler Family,
    First I’ve heard about Nancy’ books “The Way of Agape”, Be Ye Transformed”, “Faith in the night seasons” when I was serving the LORD in Africa. (I am from Russia) The LORD using these materials transformed my life. Now I am back to Russia and serving Jesus here. The LORD continues to touch others using Chuck and Nancy’s lives. All glory to our King Jesus! I thank God for your family.

  77. Dear Chuck and family,

    While I was not privileged to meet Nancy in life in the here and now, her influence on my life was strong. I was introduced to Nancy when I heard your story Chuck, and was intrigued to know more about a strong woman of faith who turned your marriage around through steadfast prayer and listening to God. I bless you both for the honesty to communicate openly and honestly about your own lives. In this way you bless many and give us hope to know that the Lord is very much able to work in our hearts. I explored the teachings in Nan’s “Way of Agape” and was challenged to know the Lord moment by moment in my own life. Even in death, Nan’s ministry continued. That quote from “Hope against Hope” has blessed me greatly as I’ve just heard about my own mother’s diagnosis of Stage IV melanoma. My hope is that Mum will come to truly know the Lord through this, and I will be obtaining a copy of the book as soon as possible to give to her.

    Thank you Chuck for your own ministry – it was your series “Stretching the Heavens” which turned my own life around some years ago after being sent into a downward spiral of depression through debilitating illness. My faith is the Lord’s goodness was restored as I was reminded of His greatness. My heart aches for you as you farewell your beloved Nan, but also rejoices to know that when the Lord calls you home, you will be together forever with Jesus.

    Thank you for the beautiful celebration of Nan’s life which I was able to attend by streaming it to my computer here at home in Australia. It was such a blessing to me and had my weary heart rejoicing in the goodness and love of God in a way I haven’t experienced for a while.

    Thank you and God bless you all.

    Jenelle Evans, Brisbane, Australia.

  78. Dear Missler family,
    My Family and extended family have been blessed by your Ministries here in New Zealand.
    In fact more than just that but helping me live through some very challenging times.
    I am happy that Nancy is with the Lord, but there is also sadness for the Missler family also
    and especially you Chuck with your wife now gone.
    God bless and The lORDS PEACE
    Kindest regards

  79. Dear Pastor Chuck and family,
    My husband Thomas and I are always blessed by your love for His Word and has encouraged us to dig deeper into His word too. Nancy is home in His loving care. Be strong and remembering you in prayer.

  80. Dear Missler Family,
    I was able to be present at Nancy’s Celebration of Life service yesterday by means of the streaming from Grace Chapel You all did a marvelous tribute. These mordern communication devices are such a blessing. I cryed, laughed and was so very blessed. Holding our computer in my hands in Western Nebraska I was able to see Nan’s daughter, Chuck, the minister, and hear the beautiful songs in Tennessee. God bless you all!! Jean Baumann

  81. I’m thankful to Nancy for her ministry, we have gone through her studies at our ladies group many times. Her faithfulness to God is evident and it will carry on. Looking forward to meeting her face to face in the presence of our wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. So pleased I was able to get the live stream of the celebration of Nancy’s earthly life last night. May God bless Chuck. Much love goes to you all from our little corner of the UK xx

  82. As I was doing some personal study on the subject of transformation today, the Lord reminded me of a book I read called Be ye transformed by Nancy Missler. I searched for it on google and this led me to the King’s Highway website and to find that she has gone home nine days ago. Be encouraged Nancy’s ministry lives on. Shalom blessings to Dr Chuck Missler and the rest of the family.

  83. though Chuck was my mentor, nancy was my spiritual mother. She helped me through the roughest period of my life. It’s hard to believe she’s gone.she made an impact on my life like few others have done. Looking forward to touring the New Jerusalem with her!

  84. Dear Chuck and family,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly. May you all be acutely aware of our Lord’s love and comfort as He walks this difficult, yet hope-filled road with you.
    Chuck, we have no words to express the tremendous impact you and Nancy have had on our lives over the past seventeen years. Thank you. Thank you.

    Much love to you all.

    Albert, Anne, Sonja, Jonathan and Abbey.

  85. Dr. Missler, May the Lord bless you and your family at this time of celebrating your loved one’s life. Your ministry has been such an inspiration to me. I have been praying for Nancy and your family. Kathy T.

  86. I am at a loss for words as I learned of Nancy’s homegoing. God orchestrated something in summer of 2013 when I became the recipient of Nancy’s, Harrari harp from Israel. I got to meet her momentarily and she prayed for me when I went to pick up the harp in Phoenix. I feel that something will be passing to me, in her passing but I don’t yet know what that is. Her harp is back in Idaho; it did make a journey back to Israel in the fall of 2013 to David’s tower, the steps of the temple, the Galilee, Ramat Rachel, and on the Faith boat, as it sailed across the Galiee. I am honored to carry her harp and to release the sound of heaven through the strings. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who had a close relationship with Nancy. The Lord is your comfort and your strength. May the Lord bless you and keep you in the days ahead.

  87. Dr. Missler and Family, My family has been given a rare gift of two wonderful Bible study teachers. Both you and Nancy have helped us understand the word of God like no one else before and given us a solid foundation. What a blessing Nancy has been and will be to so many. Thank you for opening your lives to us. Thank you for letting us share in this time of loss and also in many great victories. What a day of rejoicing when I get to heaven and am able to say… that is Nancy and Chuck they helped me love you Lord. Praying for you and your family. David Pendley

  88. Dear Dr. “Chuck” Missler and family, My deepest condolences for the loss of Nancy here on earth. At the same time what a joy to know that she is rejoicing in Heaven with the Lord and Chip etc…. Thank you for sharing your lives and faith walk with the world. God has used you all mightly through your “yeildedness”. I regret that I never got to thank Nancy personally for the influence she had on transforming my life through the Biblical based teachings of The King’s Highway series. God brought it into my life in 1997 in Naples, Italy, in a most interesting and timely way, and my life has been forever changed. I have been leading women, and men (at times) through the individual books and the trilogy since then – 18 years now. Their lives have been forever changed as well through those enlghtening teachings of God’s Word. I thank God for teaching “Nan” and learning it through her – a yeilded vessel to God’s truth who transformed so many lives across the whole world for God’s purposes and glory. I regret that I did not take the time, when given the opportunity to write to Nan,share my testimony and thank her for her life transforming ministry of truth. I have relayed messages of gratitude through Debbie and Lori, I thank you now and I will thank her personally when we meet in Heaven. “Thank you”to both of you for the Godly example you have been to your family, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ and to the world. Continued prayers for you, your son, Mark, the rest of the family, your continued ministries and staff. A special thanks as well from all of the men and women that have journeyed along with me over the past 18 years on The King’s Highway with The Lord, with Nan and with you and your family. Our individual lives, marriages and families have all been greatly changed, positively influenced and blessed by these teachings. May you be comforted in His Love and Presence. Prayers and God’s blessings of grace upon all of you. Agape, Karin Trask

  89. I thank the Lord for Nancy and the ministery she was gifted with. In my dark night of the soul her life shined a light that reminded me and so many others our Lord is always more Loving, Graceful and Good than we can imagine. I’m so looking forward to talking with her again when we are with Christ.

  90. What a faithful servant of our Living Yahwey Nancy was. She helped so many through her ministry. May our Lord and Savior Jesus bless her remaining family always. Psalms 119

  91. To the Missler Family: My deepest Condolences. My prayers are with you all. May God Comfort and keep you during this season. Thank you for the Ministry and the encouragement that you and Nancy have provided to countless individuals. Peace & Blessings.

  92. My heart is with you Dr Chuck Missler and family. I did not know Nancy personally but My soul loved her since God put in my way your ministry, I have been abundantly blessed. The Lord Jesus is with you Chuck and family in this very difficult time. My thoughts and prayers is with you! Much love! Maria s verciano. From Brazil

  93. My husband and I began our real journey with the Lord after receiving Chuck’s tapes from Firefighter’s for Christ. This was in 1986. Then in the mid nineties I corresponded with Nancy by mail. She sent me hand written notes sharing her heart. In one note she asked me to invite her son to go to church with me. I live in Winter Park Florida and apparently he lived somewhere nearby. I can’t remember what happened with that but I do remember thinking that Nancy impressed me with her sweet Mother’s heart. Such a love for her son. My husband at age 68 went to be with Jesus on October 9th of this year. Just 5 weeks ago. He had bladder cancer.He had such a love for Jesus. I am still numb and can only imagine what the Missler family are going through.Each day as I read my Bible the Lord guides me to something I will encounter that day. I pray you will all stay close to HIM. He is our hope. Agape, Robin Kirk

  94. Dear beloved family Missler
    My husband and I wish to extend our deepest condolences for your loss
    Though we have never met Nancy in person , but to me it was as if a dear, close friend passed away.
    I think I feel this way , since I so enjoyed reading her books and through her writing, she was so real and the authenticity along with her knowledge, but mostly love for the Lord was so heartfelt. She sure is my sister in the Lord and one day I will tell her in person how much her writings blessed me
    and what encouragement her words brought me
    While our hearts go out to all of the family and friends , but the most tender thoughts are reserved for Dr Missler. Words can not clothe a sentence that would even come close to say how and what he must be going through
    We are praying for you all, to feel the Lord’s loving embrace in this difficult time

    May the Lord Yahshua take away your pain,
    So that only loving memories remain

  95. Dear Dr. Missler, thank you, man of GOD, for sharing your beautiful blessing from our Lord with us. As a student of yours, I have been so blessed at your heart-felt sharing of your “Nan”. You sir, changed me as a husband in sharing one of your dialogues with your beautiful blessing as you went back and forth, I love you more; the end was you proving yours, “I love you more and I can prove it, because you’ve forgiven me more”. Your testimony of your wonderful, caring, loving wife has humbled me as a husband and blessed my own marriage. You won’t fully know your contribution of yourself, your wife, and your marriage to the world until we are in heaven and can say thank You Lord for Mr. & Mrs. Missler. Your greatest teachings (to me) have been in your beautiful testimonies of your marriage to a godly wife. Thank you.
    I pray you receive this as it is meant, a true heart-felt condolence and thanks at the same time.
    With much love and gratitude; Blessings to the Missler family. Tim & Linda Shephard.

  96. I am so sad reading of Nan’s passing. She fought the good fight and I am praying for all of her family. NO more suffering, no more pain, and in our Lord’s arms forever!

  97. What a ministry. What a couple!! A few years ago, to my great joy, I came across 66/40,then I discovered Nancy’s books. I thank G-d for both.
    Nancy’s been promoted. So Chuck and family may the peace which passes beyond all understanding surround you at this time.

  98. ~ Because of the Agape of which you so aptly taught us, Nancy, we do not sorrow as others . . . thank you for your bountiful contribution to the body of Christ, precious Nancy. You have entered into the full joy of your Lord. I miss you and will remember you and your goodness – always!

  99. We Love you Nan!
    We will always be beyond grateful that God brought you into our lives.
    What a blessing and inspiration you have been to us and you will always be known and cherished in many hearts, because of your legacy of Love!
    We love you Chuck, and your wonderful family Mark, Meshell and Lisa.
    Our hearts are sad but we know Nan is totally healed and reunited with Chip and loved ones including “Shadow” who we are certain has already had you throw his little green tennis balls a thousand times in heaven!
    We could never thank you enough for your “Agape Love” and kindness towards us.
    Thank You Lord Jesus for Nan Missler and her wonderful husband Chuck and Ministry to many all around the world.

    Austin and Lori Sisemore

  100. Chuck and the Missler family I have been praying for a long time for Nancy and all of you. Being a palliative(hospice) care nurse I can understand how hard this has all been on Nancy and the whole family. Having the love of God with this journey is incredible with his love and support. However I know even when we know where Nancy is, it is painful. I will continue to pray for God’s comfort and his incredible hugs to be with you all. A greatful Canadian who loves you guys and big thanks for making the bible come alive to show how awesome is our GOD Carol

  101. Dear Chuck Missler family and friends,

    May GOD bless you and give you much strength as me are but pilgrims on this earth.
    I send you from France much brotherly love and encouragement from the bottom of my heart.
    Your ministry has blessed me a lot. Thank you and thank the Lord for you and Nancy. Thank you so much.

  102. Dear Dr./brother (and a faith father) Chuck Missler, Missler family, and all the staff of the Missler’s ministries,

    Sending you love and big heartfelt hugs as we face the temporary separation with Nancy who recently moved to heaven. In the meantime, my prayers are with you and all of the rest of us Misslerites that Holy Spirit Comforter will embrace us all with His love, goodness, comfort, peace, wisdom, strength, and direction for the remaining stretch of each of our calling races — that we indeed open to receive more of His Agape Love, go deeper in joy as we privately worship, be transformed in our inner man, remain steadfast in faith in times when it seems dark night surrounds us, … to overcome so we can reign in His Kingdom for His glory with His power. May Nan smile knowing that her example to live out what we understand and seek more understanding to know God in His fullness will continue to accrue interest in her heavenly account!

    a Misslerite (Israel trip 2010)

  103. To Chuck and the Missler family,
    I met your wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt at a women’s retreat in Pagosa Springs, CO; Nancy was our speaker for the weekend. Thereafter, I would check her website for updates and teachings. My heart is with you all, praying for comfort, peace and joy.

  104. Dear family Missler,
    Our deepest condoleances with the loss of Nancy. We never met her personally, but we will in heaven someday!
    Our prayers are with you these days.

    Kees and Jeannet

  105. Dear Dr Missler,
    I have never met you (though I was hoping to at the recent Israel tour but it wasn’t to be), yet you and Nancy have enriched my life beyond measure. You have turned Bible study into a great adventure and a real “hobby”. Like the other tour participants I feel close to you and join in with your grief. I pray for comfort and strength for you and your family at this difficult time.
    With kind regards and love from UK

  106. Our deepest condolences to the Missler family. We deeply appreciate all that you both have done to bring encouragement and hope to our lives. Our prayers for the family at this time, we will all miss Nancy Missler.

  107. I am so sad for the loss of Nancy. I am currently taking The Way of Agape study through the Koinonia Institute and the study is changing my life. Thank you God for putting your servant Nancy in our lives. Please comfort all who love her. Bless those who will work to carry on her legacy. Amen

  108. May our Precious Father comfort Chuck and the rest of the family at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Thanks so much to dear Nancy for her dedication and love for our Lord also for her wonderful teaching series and books. What a truly amazing lady! God bless Chuck and family. Robyn from down under WA

  109. Dear Chuck, reading the news today of Nancy’s passing to be with the Lord hit us very hard. We’re thinking of you and sending you all our love, and pray that God would especially comfort you and your family in this time of missing Nancy, and wrap you in His love. We had the honour of coming to one of your winter wedding weekends in Reporoa a couple of years ago after being big fans of your ministry for years and so cherished the time with you guys. We remember especially taking communion on he Sunday with you and Nancy as part of the small group. We hold it as a special blessed memory.
    Much love, Mirko and Krystal Wojnowski

  110. Dear Dr. Missler, we, Misslerites (Expolre Israel 2015 members) are sending you our love and deepest condolence to you and your family.
    Please be strong for us as we need you for our spiritual growth. Her teaching of “Agape love” truly strengthen my marriage and also towards to others even strangers!
    Love, prayers and blessings,
    Misslerites and yoon

  111. Just heard about Nan’s passing to her dear Lord. I met Nancy at Taupo New zealand 2010, where her prayers for me and her kindness helped my Marriage. Chuck and Nancy’s book faith in the night seasons very special for us. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chuck and family, and our KI family. Love Bob & Therese Kean New Zealand.

  112. It is so hard to lose your lifetime mate but we rejoice that they are in glory with the Lord. May God comfort you in the knowledge that we will all soon be together.
    God Bless and comfort the family.

  113. Chuck, I learned about you and Nan from my wife. She used to go to your bible studies in Costa Mesa during the big tent days. I always liked listening to you and all your comments about Nan. I know she will be missed. I am sorry to hear she has passed from us but glad that we will all meet again. Thankyou for all the knowledge you two have blessed us with.

  114. Dear brother Chuck and family. Sending much love with God’s ever loving arms to surround you with comfort. May you rest in His peace knowing Nancy is with our Savior and King. God bless you and keep you, beautiful family Corinne Warren South Africa xxx

  115. So sorry to hear the very sad about Nancy, my thoughts and prayers are with her husband, Chuck and the family, love & prayers from Scotland

  116. Our deepest condolences to esteemed Dr. Charles W. Missler and his family, on behalf on my Pastor German Roberto Ponce, his family and church members of Ebenezer, Honduras. May the Holy Spirit comfort the Missler Family and Friends.

    F. Funez A.
    Pastoral Help
    Ebenezer Honduras, C.A.

  117. Linda and I just found out about Nancy’s passing. We feel we have lost one of our own family members…and indeed we have. Our lives were forever changed after we “stumbled” onto your broadcast 5 years ago. We learned more in 6 months with Chuck and Nancy than in the previous 60 years combined. For that we say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Through Your and Chuck’s work we have experienced the undeniable hand of GOD on multiple occasions in our own lives. What can compare to that? Our concern is for Chuck, Mark , and daughters who will miss her dearly. Her reward will be great in Heaven and we look forward to seeing her there when we too shall be called Home.

  118. My thoughts and prayers have been, and are, with the Missler family. This has been a ” long journey” for them.

    Nancy has been. – Is, a good and faithful servant. Her teachings and writings live on, for eternity, along with cherished memories.

    Shalom havare. Precious sister in Christ Jesus. It must be so wonderful. In HIS presence . Norma. N. W. England

  119. My heart is with you all, praying for strength for you at this time.
    The Lord bless you and keep you in all your ways.
    Kindest regards
    Kristian xxxx

  120. Oh, my goodness what Nan is experiencing now in the presence of Jesus! No more pain, tears, or concern whatsoever. Our sorrow at her loss is just beginning, but alternately her Heavenly Happiness has just begun as she joins her beloved Saviour, and her son. She is gloriously happy, so I must be happy for her. May the Holy Spirit comfort Chuck, and may he be surrounded with protective angels to see him through. With deepest sympathy, Carol Bullock Clemmons Augusta GA

  121. With all condolences on the loss of a loved one, and with all thanks to God knowing the victory we have through Jesus Christ our Lord, you are in our thoughts and in our prayers. May the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ, knowing the reunion is assured.

  122. I never had a chance to thank Nancy for her amazing teachings! I was going to send an e-mail this week to thank her for introducing me to our loving Father. I have always loved Jesus but could never really understand His unconditional love for me – I have only known ‘terms and conditions’ kind of love.
    I started and just finished Nancy’s Agape teachings this morning and again wanted to send an e-mail of gratitude for changing my thoughts about our Father and helping me understand what His love is all about. I am 34 and so wish that I had come across Nancy’s teachings sooner. Thank you Nancy. Your obedience to God has changed my life. Thank you!! I can only imagine what your expression would be when you walk next to our Father. I will never forget a specific word you used in your Agape teachings… NEAT 🙂 Thank you for being such a ‘neat’ teacher of God’s word and for going through what you had to go through in order for us to learn. Thank you!!

    Best regards,
    Mercia Matthee
    South Africa

  123. Thank you! Nancy you have delighted me and crushed, given me hope and helped me to come to a place of rejoicing.
    You have been a couragous wife and daughter of God. Sharing your experience and loving kindness to us all.You have had more of an impact on me than your dear husband Chuck and that’s saying something. Beloved!
    Dear brother in our Lord Chuck and family I thank you and pray that Yeshua fills you with his hope and love and comfort till you are all together again.
    Love to all,

  124. So sorry to hear of Nancy’s passing but overjoyed to know she is with Christ and all his wonder! I feel we will all see them again soon. May God provide comfort, peace and patience while we wait. Much love from downunder. Xoxo

  125. Dear Dr. Missler and Family, We lift you up in prayer in this most difficult of times. Nancy has been such a blessing to so many of us. She shared her family, her husband, and her heart with all of us and we are eternally grateful. She was a true reflection of our Savior. Her work will live on and reverberate. May your hearts take comfort from knowing she is loved now and forever by the many people she touched. May our Lord sustain you through this trial.
    Yours in Christ, Kim Lynch

    • I was fortunate enough to meet Chuck and Nancy during a visit to Grace Chapel in Franklin ,Tn. some years ago. I have always loved their ministry and have learned so much through them. I lift the Misslers up in prayer during this heartbreaking time, and I look forward to seeing our dear sister in Christ again in glory.
      I rejoice in the fact that Nancy is beyond illness and suffering, experiencing the eternal joy in the presence of our dear Savior!
      Love in Christ, Ken Artrip

  126. You have never met me but you came into my life at a very low moment and helped me to get closer to my Lord Jesus. You kept me in touch with the Lords Ways and I enjoyed the time I had on line with the Pod Casts and the various items I bought and downloaded.

    The Lord will put His arms of Comfort around you and your family and you must know that you are highly regarded by many people. Love in the Lord Moira

  127. My deepest condolences to the Missler family. I became a believer in 2014, and Dr Chuck Missler’s Bible teaching has helped me immensely in understanding the Bible. I just recently started to read Nancy books. Her application and understanding of God’s Word have helped me grow as well. Both of them are such blessings!

    I pray that God would bring comfort and hope to the family.

  128. Although I never met Nan I felt that I knew her because of her ministries. May the Lord bless you, keep you, and use you until we are all in his presence.

    “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” Ps116:15

    I can hardly wait.


  129. I found Mrs. Nancy in a dark time of separation from my wife during a prescription drug withdrawal time.
    I was searching begging God to give me a book that would allow me to learn how to be a better father and spouse. Her first book I found on kindle. I have been reading her works since.
    Please know God used you and is still using you today in my life and others.
    Thank you

  130. Our Deepest condolences to all of Nancy’s family, especially to Chuck who has been an immense blessing to us with his teachings.

    Blessings and Prayers.

    – Ashish and Shekinah

  131. Dear Missler family/whanau,
    “This world is not our home – we are just passing through”.
    Chuck, what a wonderful impact you and Nancy have made on this ‘passing-through’ world of ours.
    Thank you for your insights, your team-work, and the loving examples that you have both shone forth into this ‘passing-through’ world. We are all the richer for it. And what an amazing crown Nancy was gifted, as He commended her with “Well done, good and faithful servant”.
    May each member of your family find strength, encouragement and a deep peace during this night season. With love and prayers, and in appreciation for all you have given.

  132. To the Missler family,
    Despite the depth of faith, it is hard to endure loss, especially of one so close. My wife and I have both been encouraged and brought closer to God by our study of The Way of Agape. Let it console you that Mrs. Missler’s writings and teachings will allow her to live on. She changed the lives of countless souls, helping to bring them to Christ. What better testament may a life have?
    In Christ,
    Ana & Matthew Thomas
    Jonesborough TN

  133. Dearest Brother Chuck Missler, I have been listening to you since I was saved in 1981 and am so very sorry that your lovely wife has gone home, despite her joy, we are left with our human emotions to deal with.I pray you will be strong, knowing our Lord is coming very soon. All my love to you and yours. Charla Vandermeer

  134. My condolences to the Missler family. I am a rebel of a Christian. Listening to Chuck & Nancy through the years, helped me to evangelize people. Dissecting scripture, giving me more than the Sunday hour, everyday for years. The podcasts helped the most. I’m so thankful for your ministries. I don’t have to worry about Nancy, she is with Jesus! Son waiting with open arms. I’m sure she is saying, oh that’s what that meant….joy is what the believer has. Hope is our anchor. She led us to water.

  135. I cannot fathom the depth of grief Dr. Missler, family, and friends are experiencing at this time. My words are completely inadequate at such a moment. But I trust The One Who brings peace that passes all understanding will comfort you all through His Holy Spirit. “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Amen.

  136. I just would like you all to know how much Nancy has touched the lives of so many people. I also would like to say that I am praying for the comfort of the Missler family in this difficult time.

    Again please know how loved the Misslers are all over the world, my thoughts and prayers are with the family.


  137. My sincere condolences to Dr. Chuck Missler, family and kings highway ministry. I followed the update of Nan since she share with us the battle she fought with faith and eyes in the Lord, It was always inspiration to me . When I opened the message for the update I felt pain in my soul, I was praying for her healing; now I am praying for comfort to Dr. Chuck Missler and his family during this hard time . I do not know Nan nor Dr. Missler in person , only through their teaching and their passion to teach us how Great is The Lord and how Great is his love. Nan always be missed . May The Lord be with you Dr. Chuck Missler and family. Thank you for touching many lives with your teaching and ministry around the world.
    My deepest condolences
    Seattle, WA

  138. All across the world, we have experienced a profound loss. I am in Texas. This ministry has been part of my day almost every day for a long time. I’m very saddened because Nancy has left us, but A smile comes to my face as I imagine how she felt when Jesus put his arms around her!!! Dear Brother Chuck, I am on my knees earnestly praying for you and your family.

  139. With deepest sympathies to all members of the Missler family.I have been a regular follower of Nancy’s “The King’s High Way Ministries”. Her ministry really blessed me so much. About a week ago I felt the Lord had laid it on my heart to pray fervently for Nancy. Just this morning I discovered that Nancy had gone to be with Yeshua. Although I wept over this sad news I know that God is faithful! Chuck, your strength is in the Lord at this difficult time !May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.
    Much love & blessings in Yeshua
    Mary Perrella

  140. May the Lord bless, keep, and comfort the Missler family in this sad but triumphant hour, as Nancy now lives in the presence of her beloved Saviour. The fruits of Nancy’s obedient service to her Lord, (and yours also Chuck), are evident everywhere.
    Be strengthened by His gracious love, for He keeps those who diligently seek His face.
    Our heartfelt love
    Kevin and Fay Fell
    Anna Bay Australia

  141. Dear Chuck and family,

    Sorry to hear of Nancy’s passing. Chuck, you often spoke fondly of Nancy in your broadcasts, and I extend sincere condolences at this time. Praise the Lord for a fruitful, productive life lived in His service. May God’s comfort be with you all at this time.

    Doug Bacon
    Christchurch, New Zealand

  142. Our condolences on your separation, we do not say loss, as we know she is with our Lord and we all shall be to one day. Thank you for your dedication and faithfulness to the kingdom. We so appreciate!

  143. From Zimbabwe my deepest sympathy to all the Misslers. May God comfort you all in this time of mourning.
    She was a blessing and a mother to us all and some day we will join her in Abraham’s bossom.

  144. Sorry for the loss chuck. You and Nancy have blessed me through your books and videos. Love you brother prayer for you and your family

  145. We will miss our sister in the lord for the time being. But, in a little while we will meet her again when Our Lord will come to bring us home. My Brother Chuck, I extend my love and support to you and family. You never will know what you and your wife’s ministry has done for me. I am forever in your debt. I write this with a lump in my throat, but, I know that God loves us with mind blowing love.

  146. It is so sad to hear about the passing of Nancy even though I had never met Nancy or Dr. Missler she was a sweet spirit who loved God and others. I do say a pray for Mr.Chuck that
    God will give him the peace he needs and I am sure God will as He is always with us. It is at this time in life that we know that God will pull us through even if we think we can’t take it.
    May all people and friends be around Mr.Chuck and remember he needs our prayers and friendship.
    May God give each and all Blessings. And for Ms.Debbie also as she was always there.
    Blessings and peace and light

  147. I am so sorry Chuck. It feels very sad that Nan died…but what a joy to be present with Our Lord. What a joy it will be when you are reunited.

  148. We only ever met Nancy through her books, but we remember Chuck saying that she was the glue that held him together. Her book, Why should I be the first to change?, was one I referenced in marriage seminars I held, and I believe I have purchased most of Nancy’s and Chucks books for our church library. Through their testimony, we know her to be a strong woman of faith who will certainly be greeted by the Lord with his words, well done thou good and faithful servant. Our prayers go to the Missler family and to the ministries in which Nancy was most involved. Through the tears, may you see rays of the light and love of Christ. He will not leave you comfortless. In His love, Charlie & Gail Howard, New Zealand

  149. Dear Chuck and family,
    My heart goes out to you for your loss. Nancy battled this terrible disease for so long but I know you are comforted that she has gone home and is in no more pain. Please know our prayers for you and your family will continue on.


    Dick & Sharon Couch

  150. what does one say at a time like this ,first to you chuck sorry for the loss of your life partner and mate an helper, also to family a mother, sister, to all the CHRIST IANS oh how wonderful to be with the LORD and away from this body, chuck in CHRIST. pslam 108v 1-5.

  151. Although I write this as I mourn with crying for Nancy’s flying home, I rejoice in this healing of body and face to face reunion with Jesus.
    I send deep condolences to all at King’s Highway, Khouse and even all those with KITrust in New Zealand. I don’t know how much time Nancy got to spend there.
    And the whole Missler family – Chuck, Mark, Lisa, Meshell, spouses, and grandchildren, I pray for you and send you sincere condolences.
    May the Grace of the Lord be with you all.

  152. Dr. Missler and family, I am so sorry for your loss, although I know you all know our Lord, it’s still so painful to be separated from one we love. With much admiration for all you and your wife have done for the Kingdom of God.

  153. Thou LORD GOD, how excellent is YOUR NAME is all the Earth! How Nancy knew that. But I am sad to hear, happy, but sad. I pray you will uphold dear Chuck and his family through the next steps, and the next. Dearest Missler Family, I pray for your loss and hold you up in my prayers! You have all given so much for the sake of JESUS. I was thinking when I found out about Nancy, if we could all truly know each other in the Kingdom of Heaven, visiting and having coffee clutches. Because you will never know all of the lives your family has touched through the precious work of Chuck and Nancy Missler. PRAISE GOD MOST HIGH AND HIS SON JESUS, with us now via HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.

  154. Dr Missler I know the Lord holds you in the palms of his hands. May his strength hold you up during this sad time and may you have joy knowing your lovely Nancy is safe in his Presence. My prayers are with you and your family.

  155. Condolences to Pastor Chuck and the whole Missler family. Much love to you all at this time of loss but also much rejoicing at this time because the Angels are rejoicing too at the homecoming of one of our Lords faithful coming home to rest in His bosom. May I also humbly express my gratitude to both Chuck & Nancy for serving us, the body, and for their tireless work over the years that have saved many. Such faithful and loving servants of our Lord, Thank You is not enough. I love you both, God Bless & thank you again.

  156. My sincere condolences to Chuck Missler and family. I am so grateful for the example that Nancy Missler was and always will be on how to truly love the Lord and to walk with Him. Thank you. Naomi. Melbourne, Australia

  157. Surely Nancy is in the loving arms of Christ and will one day be reunited with her loving family and those many people who also loved her, and Chuck. Peace upon your family. Thank you Nancy and Chuck for the great work you did for us through Christ.

  158. My heart is heavy at hearing this news, I did not personally know the Missler’s, however, their ministry has made a profound impact on my life. I truly believe the Lord lead me to their podcasts when there seemed to be nowhere else I could find the truth to the questions I had. I join with all brothers and sisters in Christ and ask the Lord Jesus to comfort the Missler family, you will always be remembered by those you helped.

  159. Oh how we devoured every word of the updates Nancy shared during this hard journey, and read “Hope Against Hope” with deeply moved hearts. Praying for Chuck, the family and all those close to her. May out of this come a closer walk with the Lord, greater wisdom, more love, more comfort and richer fruit than anyone could imagine. There are no words that can fix this – only the abiding love and mercy of God can carry anyone through the pain of experiences like these; we know not how.
    Denise Levertov’s poem expressed this to an extent, and is sometimes the only prayer we can muster, and the only sustaining sensation we are aware of:


    I had grasped God’s garment in the void
    But my hand slipped
    On the rich silk of it.
    The ‘everlasting arms’ my sister loved to remember
    Must have upheld my leaden weight
    From falling, even so,
    For though I claw at empty air and feel
    Nothing, no embrace,
    I have not plummeted.”

    The Anchor will hold.

  160. Nancy’s books, “Way of Agape” and Be Ye Transformed have blessed the lives of my wife and I. Our thoughts and prayers are with yhe Missler family!

  161. Dear Chuck and Family,
    There are no words that I can add to what the Scriptures already promised, “But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.” We have the Blessed Hope who will wipe away all tears one day and give those who remain behind great comfort who believe in His Name. “Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, nor has it even entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared for those who love Him.” Nancy is with the Lord as we all who believe, will one day be. Rejoice for her as she finished her race, having been faithful to her Lord. Press into God for His solace. We all give thanks for the many years you and your family could walk together in the faith and so shine through your many books and ministries. You’ve been blessed and loved beyond words! You are in our prayers for comfort, strength, purpose and revelation as He continues to use you to glorify His Name. Press on knowing that His Ever Loving Arms surround and hold you tightly. He will never leave any of you. May He who created you for such a time as this, bless you and your family abundantly, especially now and in the days ahead.
    A sister in Christ,
    Catherine Walker

  162. Our condolences for the passing of Mrs Missler from here in South Africa, soon Jesus will wipe every tear from our eyes. Although I have never met Dr or Mrs Missler they have had an impact on my life and I was saddened at the news.

  163. Our sincere condolences to the Missler family. Nancy’s inspiration and wonderful love that she spread throughout our World will be sadly missed. How, she blessed my life with her teaching of agape and the Holy Spirit. May she rest in the arms of our Lord Jesus.


  164. My condolences to the Missler family. I didn’t know her, except through their teachings but it was apparent there was a deep love between Chuck and Nancy. She has left a wonderful legacy.

  165. Blessings and comfort to the Missler family. I did not know Nancy well, but through teachings, I know Chuck Missler, and the fruit of the beautiful marriage that YHWH blessed for over 50 years is evident in that teaching. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He shine his face upon you and give you peace.

    Love in Him who whose love is ever being revealed to and in those who seek him,

    Debi Loockerman
    Austin, TX

  166. Our deepest condolences to all of Nancy’s family and especially her faithful husband of 58 years! Both of them have blessed our lives over the years with their teachings and with the shared love of the Lord.
    We (they) may be saddened, but we will all meet again, and she is finally out of pain and in her perfect body!

    Blessings to her family, friends and ministries and all who have been touched by her life!
    In Agape,
    Ron and Cheryl

  167. We are saddened to hear the news about Nancy. We have been touched her ministry, and appreciate all the the thought and prayer she and Chuck have put into sharing Gods word in such clarity with great compassion.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Chuck and family!

  168. My heart and prayers go out to the Missler family today. How blessed I have been by Chuck and Nancy’s ministry these many years. Grateful thanks.
    Proverbs 31
    An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, And he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evi All the days of her life……..
    Her children rise up and bless her;……
    Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.
    Rest safe in the arms of Jesus Nancy.
    Kind regards
    Julie, Monmouthshire UK

  169. To Chuck and family,
    I am so sorry for your loss and it is such a great loss. Our prayers through these last years have been answered in her book being completed and now her healing in and by the perfect touch of God. Now my prayers turn to you and your heart, you have an amazing amount of prayer for your transition and hers. We love you so. She will be so missed she is now that beautiful butterfly that was her signature photo on her early books.

    With great love and admiration,
    Marlene Cooney

  170. May the peace and comfort that only God can give cover your family during this time of grief. Nancy will be greatly missed…but will see her again in Heaven!

  171. Most sincere condolences to our brother Chuck and his family. Would that we would all strive to bear as much fruit as have Nancy & Chuck!

  172. The Lord is my Light and my Salvation! Psalm 27. My sincere condolences and my prayers and thoughts are with the Missler family at this sad time. The only single consolation for dear Dr. Chuck and his beloved family is that Nancy is now with The Lord Jesus in Heaven, no more pain or suffering in this demonic world. Come Lord Jesus, come!

  173. I am deeply grateful for the teachings of Chuck and Nancy Missler as they both taught me how to search the scriptures for those deeper truths. Thank you for sharing your lives with mine. Praying for your family as you mourn the loss of wife, mother, and grandmother.

  174. To the Missler Family,

    In love my heart reaches out to Chuck and his family. Chuck, you and Nancy have been great family and dearly loved friends of mine through your media outreach ministries for many years. I will ask The Heavenly Father in Jesus name by the power of His Holy Spirit to continue to be with all of you through this time and in the future. In the name of The Triune Lord God, love always and forever.


    Revelation 21:3-5

  175. May God’s peace and grace be with you. She taught me what it really meant to be a Christian, when I desperately needed it. I will miss her, her lovely voice, calming manner. Her rewards will be great. God bless your family

    • There are those that walk in light not darkness, with faith, joy, and peace. Nancy Missler is the epitome of walking in light with great care for those that love the Lord, and great compassion and prayer for those not yet saved. Our prayers and thoughts are with the entire Missler family for their loss of their beloved wife, mother, grandmother and friend. It is so comforting to know that we will all be reunited together in Christ. I was so saddened by this profound loss but comforted that she is walking with the Lord. God bless, Kurtis C R Palmer

  176. Nancy has left an eternal footprint on our lives and will be receiving the crowns and riches in glory for a faithful life poured out for the Lord of all lords. We remember those left behind and offer our deepest sympathies to Chuck and all his family at his sad time.

    All our love and prayers,


  177. Condolences to Chuck and all the family as they bid a farewell to their dear wife and mother..only for a short time and you have a blessed hope of reuniting with Nancy for ever more…May our God lift you up and bless you all at this time…

  178. We can never fully express our love and gratitude for Nancy ministering to us through Faith in the Night Seasons when our 13 year old precious only son, Matthew, went home with Jesus in 2002. Truly an arrow pointing to Abba. The rawness and honesty of her sharing touched our hearts then as now.
    May His everlasting arms uphold you all. Thank you for your invaluable teaching and part in our lives, Dr Chuck. Until eternity dear Nancy … We will miss you.

    This Day In Paradise by Stuart Henderson
    this day in paradise
    new feet are treading through
    high halls of gold

    this day in paradise
    new legs are striding over jewelled fields in which
    the diamond
    is considered ordinary

    this day in paradise
    new eyes have glimpsed the deep fire ready
    to flame the stale earth pure

    this day in paradise
    new blood, the rose red juice that gushed at golgotha
    now ripples and races down the pure veins
    of a recently arrived beloved

    this day in paradise
    a new heart pounds in praise
    a new body shaped by sacrifice

    this day in paradise
    the daunting dart of death
    has no point
    no place
    and no meaning

    and whilst we mourn and weep
    through these human hours
    this day in paradise
    the blazing embrace
    between saviour and son goes on and on and on…

  179. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Missler family at this time. God has used Nancy greatly to change so many lives through Christ x

  180. Our deepest condolences to the Misslers. We thank you for the marvelous truths that is revealed in your materials by the Holy Spirit. Keep running the race and thank you so much for the encouragement, exhortation and edification through your materials. Reporoa is a fitting final resting place for Nancy (Paid a visit there last Nov 2014). Maranatha!

  181. We would like to say to The Missler Family may the love of our God be with you.We thankyou for Nancy and how her book Agape,how it has changed my life.Our love and prayers are with you.

  182. Nancy’s book, “The Way of Agape” was a life-changer for me and many others I recommended it to, as well as enriching my marriage and those of my children. She was greatly loved and revered, and will be greatly missed. My prayers and thoughts are with her family.

  183. Chuck you are a huge part of my life and have helped me be closer to the Lord. I received an email today explaining Nancy had passed into God’s hands and I immediately thanked God for her life. 1 Corinthians 15:55 we are saddened by her passing but are full of joy because she knew the one and only saviour, our Lord Yeshua.

  184. Brother Chuck,
    My heart is with you and your family during this difficult time. May King Yeshua strengthen you today and everyday. You are in my prayers.

  185. Dear Missler Family
    May God be with you all, as you say goodbye to your beloved wife, mother, grandmother. May God hold you and comfort you, smile with you and cry with you. Will be deeply missed and I know that Nan’s beautiful ways helped so many

    • These words just reflect my thoughts. Remembering Chuck and all the family. We have been so so blessed by your work. Thank you
      Blessings of Love Grace Peace and Condolences

  186. Dear Dr Missler,
    We were so saddened today to hear of Nancy’s passing from this life. We know she will now have her crown in eternity. We have been so blessed to have her teachings in our home and home groups. Many of our friends have been blessed by her deep understanding of our Lord’s teachings and her honest sharing of your life’s stories.
    We are grateful for Nancy and your work.
    We pray God’s richest Blessings of peace and comfort for you and your family at this time.
    Walter and Robyn
    Melbourne Australia

  187. Dear Chuck and family,

    We are so sorry for your loss. Although it is only a temporary absence for Nancy, we are praying for you all and trust the LORD to undertake for you at this time.

    We are so grateful for Nancy’s life and ministry, particularly her teaching on Agape.

    She has her promotion now as well as her ultimate healing and we believe the Lord will continue to touch lives through her legacy.

    Bless you all

    Simon & Rachel Badger

  188. Thank You, Lord that Nan is dancing on the streets of gold, sweetly embraced in the loving arms of Jesus! She is alive, yes, truly alive in Christ! To God be the glory. Amen, Amen and Hallelujah to our Lord.

  189. Dear Chuck,

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your best friend, soul mate and wife. The Lord strengthen you during this most difficult time. Thank you for all you both do and have done for the body of Christ. May the Lord comfort your family.

    Your brother in Christ,

  190. Dear Missler family; extended family of Nancy and her friends.

    We all know that Nancy is, now, not only sanctified – she is glorified through/by our LORD and Saviour – Jesus Christ. You, her husband; family and friends will be reunited with her, one day.

    Tears and mourning are expected at such a time. Please allow God’s Word to wipe your tears and to lift you up – to carry you every day.
    Isa. 61:3 “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.”

  191. May God comfort you during this time. Nancy was used in my life through her encouraging letters, book, and tapes. I am very thankful to have known her.

  192. My thoughts and prayers are with you Dr. Missler and your precious family at this time. I have never met Nancy personally but feel like I know her like a friend, such was her openness and the way that she shared with us all the way that the Lord had worked in her life. I have learnt so much more about the Lord through the teachings that she shared in her DVD’s, books etc and praise God that he used her to touch the hearts of so many of us who needed answers to the ‘hard’ questions in life. May God grant you his peace and may you feel his love surround you at this time. God Bless You ❤️

  193. Dear Chuck and family. All our love and prayer are sent your way on the sad loss of beloved Nancy . memories of you lovely Nancy will always be with you. One day oh what joy we will all meet again in heaven. Hope. Massive love. Warren and Marg.

  194. Chuck, My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Nancy is a gift from God to us. And I am blessed with what she (and yourself) did and do, by helping to direct my search and walk in the Lord in my hard times. May God bless you and give you His magnificent peace. God bless you. Boris Chikota, Australia

  195. I do not know Chuck or Nancy personally, but they are a wonderful part of my life. The teachings from both of them have helped me more than I can say. Nancy’s testimony through such adversity ministered me, as I know it ministered to many.
    Just before my mother passed, she experienced a “glimpse into heaven” which she shared with me. It was a glorious place, and the look on my mom’s face said it all. Knowing she went into that peace gave me such comfort. Nancy is now in that Rest as well! We as believers in Yeshua have that assurance. What a blessing that is!
    However, losing loved ones is so very difficult for the family left behind. My prayers are with you Chuck. But I praise our wonderful Lord who uses you and Nancy to help us all know HIM better. And one day, we will ALL be worshipping at HIS feet. Maranatha!

  196. To Chuck and the Missler family, my deepest sympathy at this time. Nancy has gone on ahead of the rest of us who have placed our trust in Jesus our Saviour. We will remember you to The Lord in our prayers from New Zealand

  197. Chuck,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. You and Nancy have been a blessing in my life and so many others. She will be missed, but praise be to our Lord and Savior, we will see her soon!



  199. Dear Chuck & Family,
    Please accept my deepest sympathy. Nancy was a wonderfully kind lady and host during my trip in Israel with your ministry many years ago. Many thoughts & prayers…
    David J. Rowe

  200. My deepest sympathy for the passing of Nancy. Praying for comfort and peace for all family and friends–especially Chuck. Thank you for all that you do for the Body of Christ.

  201. Dear Chuck
    We are saddened to hear of Nancy’s passing.She served the Lord in her generation.
    Our hearts go out to you today.It was such a privilege to share time and a meal with you both in Toowoomba 2002.May the Lord comfort you with His Love and peace.
    Nigel and Marilyn

  202. Peace and Grace and Love to Nancy’s beloved husband and cherished family; to her treasured friends and all who shared in fellowship with such a faithful – full of faith – and beautiful – full of beauty – one as she. In the loving arms of Jesus – Oh, how glorious to be.

  203. What a wonderful and inspirational servant of the Lord – true and faithful through all. Love and prayers to those left behind, God speed to Nancy, home with the Lord <3

  204. Oh! how we will miss her teaching. Chuck,I feel your pain. After 58 years I know you have a big hole in your heart. Her spirit has now returned to God. Eccl. 12:7

  205. I am so grateful to this beautiful lady Nancy Missler who has helped to change my life. I have learned so much through her Way of Agape study. Thank you Jesus for the gift that she was on Earth. She now resides in the Heavenly realm. Peace be with her family.

  206. We are praying for the Missler family. She was right, there is always a place for HOPE in Christ. We are looking forward to reading her last book.
    PSALM 27:13 I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD
    In the land of the living.

  207. I did not know Nancy personally but after studying and teaching her books for 20 plus years I feel I have lost a dear friend. No one in my life (besides the Lord) has impact my life like she has. Because of “The Way Of Agape” I can say I am happily married to my unsaved husband of 30 years, and I have witnessed many marriages restored as well. I will be forever grateful for all her hard work and love she put into her ministry. Rest in peace sweet sister!

  208. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the Missler family. I knew Nancy many years ago, high school years, before we were married. I have many fond memories of her and her family. She was a brave and strong Christian with such great talent. I know where she is now, with Jesus. The angels are blessed to have her. love, Patsy Noble Dickson

  209. My prayers and thoughts are with you, Dr Missler. Stay strong in the Lord.

    When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: “Death has been swallowed up in victory.”
    “Where, O death, is your victory?
    Where, O death, is your sting?”[i]
    The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. 57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1 cor 15 54-56

  210. My deepest condolences to the Missler Family, she awaits you in Glory Chuck. I will keep you Chuck and your family in my prayers.
    “As for me, I shall behold your face in righteousness; when I awake, I shall be satisfied with your likeness”
    (Psalm 17:15)

  211. R.I.P Nancy. Loved your writings. You certainly have Blessed millions through your many books. One could actually feel the Love you had for Christ. Thank you. Your legacy will truly continue here on planet earth. You never gave up fighting and your LOVE for Our Wonderful Jesus endured, wow did it ever endure. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4
    Arvada, Co

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