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  • How can we get beyond our emotions when we are so hurt we can feel it in the deepest part of our stomach?
  • We are so programmed to “feel” everything we choose. When we don’t feel our choices, are they still genuine?
  • Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean that God’s Life will automatically come from our hearts. What is the deciding factor?

Getting Beyond Ourselves

II Corinthians 4:8 tells us we can be “troubled on every side, yet not distressed…” How is this possible? How can we walk as this Scripture says when everything within us is screaming to do just the opposite? How can we go against the tide and make choices to follow God when we don’t really feel like it? Learn the secret to achieving this in your own life through this fourth book in Nancy’s Plain and Simple Series.

The King’s High Way materials were developed as a result of God’s miraculous intervention in Chuck and Nan’s life, from the healing of their marriage and the salvation of their reputation after personal and corporate bankruptcy, to the mending of their hearts after the sudden and unexpected death of their firstborn son, Chip. The Misslers have been married for 45 years and are the parents of four children.


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