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Chuck and Nancy Missler share the fundamental personal issues that led to the crises in their marriage. This recounts the healing of a troubled Christian marriage from the viewpoint of both husband and wife.

What makes the Misslers’ story so unique is that at the time of their marital crises, they were Christians — not nominal Christians or backsliding Christians, but ones who loved Jesus, prayed daily, and were even teaching Bible Studies!

In the first session, Nancy discusses how the Misslers’ vastly different personalities and priorities led to conflict and resentment within the marriage. Citing relevant Scripture, Nancy describes in detail how she learned to set herself aside, so that Jesus’ life could flow through her. Humorous, as well as serious, personal anecdotes punctuate the narrative.

The second session relates Chuck’s side of the story. A Biblical scholar in his own right, Chuck vividly illustrates what happened from his point of view. Delivered in a direct, witty manner, his personal observations and biblical references combine to make this a delightful session.


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