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  • What are the moment-by-moment steps to letting go of ourselves, our circumstances, and others?
  • What can we do with our hurts, discouragements, and disappointments?
  • Can God really heal a broken heart?
  • How do we give our problems to God and leave them there?
  • Is it possible to find joy and strength in God alone?

Most of us, as believers, understand that we have God’s Love (or His Life) in our hearts. But how many of us, in all honesty, really experience that Love of God in our everyday lives — in our marriages, in our relationships, and in our workplaces? We all talk about experiencing His Love, we write about it, and we sing about it, but how many of us are really living an abundant, love-filled life?

The key to actually experiencing that Love in our lives is understanding how to relinquish ourselves over to the LORD, so that His Love can flow from our hearts.

Exactly how we do this is what this little book is all about…


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